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Who Blaisorblade is[edit]

  • a PhD student in Computer Science at Philipps-Universität Marburg, in Germany. Focus: (functional) programming languages and software development, and efficient programming language implementations.
  • a graduate in Computer Science at University of Catania
  • an ex-Linux kernel hacker, even if not at the top-level (I've worked mainly on User-mode Linux)
  • an open-source sympathizer
  • a Scala programmer, with some experience in Haskell, and past experience in C/C++/Java
  • a fan of Dream Theater and of various epic/power metal bands. I'm no expert on the music side, still I often edit articles about groups I like (being careful to limit my contributions to areas where I've enough knowledge).
  • a film passionate
  • an anime fan

Blaisorblade TODOs[edit]

Personal notebook for my TODOs as Wikipedia editor: - improve pages related to functional programming, as I run into them. Tail call and Tail recursion was the first victim.

- quite outdated items:

What I enjoy doing on Wikipedia[edit]

  • improve pages on what I study as PhD student
  • shed light on the parallels between lambda calculus, recursion theory and denotational semantics.
    • The treatment of recursive functions is done through least fixed point in all of them, but from totally different starting points. And discovering this parallel (which wasn't thought in my courses) was really nice.
    • Also, Rice's theorem has equivalents in both combinatory logic (which is on wikipedia) and lambda calculus (this is not present in wikipedia article, must be added).


Some stuff I will need to find (I'll need to move this in some subpage):

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