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Who is Kedar?[edit]

To introduce myself I am 29 yr old male (as of Dec 2007) who is a software engineer by profession and thinks of himself as a Wikipedia addict. I was born and brought up in Mumbai but at present I work at Microsoft in Redmond US. My mother tongue is Marathi. Apart from this I can fluently speak English and Hindi while I can understand a bit of Gujrati and Sanskrit. I am married and have 1 yr old son.

What are Kedar’s areas of interest?[edit]

Even though I update articles randomly as I come across information most of my edits are related to

  1. Indian historical events related articles. My focus is on Expansion and creation of stubs for the forgotten Indian freedom fighters.
  2. Maratha history and Marathi culture
  3. Indian cities

How long has been Kedar been editing Wikipedia?[edit]

I have been editing articles since year 2004 but I created by “Kedar Borhade”account only in 2005.

Articles I created[edit]

Major contributions[edit]

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