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For Uzun-Ada Port and Railway station, see Trans-Caspian railway.

Coordinates: 38°30′16″N 26°42′53″E / 38.50444°N 26.71472°E / 38.50444; 26.71472 Uzunada or Uzun ada (literally "long island") is an island situated at the entry of the Gulf of İzmir on the west coast of Turkey. It is situated between the Karaburun Peninsula, Turkey in the west, and the district of Foça in the east. Stretching over a length of c. 9 kilometres (6 miles) in north-south direction, it is Turkey's fourth largest island, and its third largest in the Aegean Sea. Its ancient Greek name was Drymoussa (Δρυμούσσα), and it is also known under its later Greek names of Makronisi ("long island") or Englezonisi ("Englishmen's island"),[1] but more likely is that this name is derived from the word Enclazomenisi from ancient city Clazomenae at the opposite coast. To its south are several smaller islets, including Yassıca.

"Uzunada" is also the name of several other, smaller islets along the Turkish Aegean coast.[1]


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