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Varsity Brands Inc. is a holding company[1] with ties to national cheerleading competitions[2][3] within the United States. The company produces apparel for football, cheerleading, and dance activities, with subsidiary units and programs that regulate and administer most organized cheerleading activities within the United States. Involvement in cheerleading activities includes its ownership of subsidiaries and programs that conduct competitions and camps. Notably, the breadth of influence Varsity Brands Inc. possesses over cheerleading activities has led to discussion of potential conflicts of interest including its interests related to the issue of the classification of competitive cheerleading as a sport in the United States.[3][4]

Potential conflicts of interest[edit]

While holding an interest in the business of cheerleading apparel, Varsity Brands Inc. owns subsidiaries and programs:

  • Responsible for conducting national cheerleading competitions, where scoring systems are intertwined with promotion of Varsity Brand's products. A recent court decision provides an example: "During the “spirit” portion of the competition, cheerleading teams are awarded points for using props, such as pom poms, sold by Varsity Brands; the more props a team uses, the more points that team receives".[3]
  • Overseeing and certifying practitioners responsible for safety in cheerleading activities.[4]
  • Institutionalizing high financial costs for participation in forms of competitive cheerleading.[4][5]

These conflicts of interest were a main focus of Season 8, episode 1 of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Programs and subsidiaries[edit]

Programs and subsidiaries of Varsity Brands Inc. include:

  • American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA)[4][6]
    • Conducts cheerleading safety education and risk management.
  • National Council for Spirit Safety & Education (NCFSSE)[4]
    • Provides safety training and certification programs.
  • American Cheerleader Magazine[7]
  • National Cheerleaders Association (NCA)[3][4]
  • Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA)[3][4]
  • United Spirit Association (USA)[3][4]
  • Universal Dance Association (UDA)[4]
  • National Dance Alliance (NDA)[4]
  • American Cheer Power (ACP)[4]
  • American Cheerleaders Association (ACA)[4]
  • World Spirit Federation (WSF)[4]
  • Spirit Sports (SS)[4]
  • All Star Challenge (ASC)[4]
  • V!ROC – Choreography (VROC)[4]
  • Varsity TV (VTV)[4]
  • U.S. All Star Federation (USASF)[4]
  • Spirit Cheer (SC)[4]
  • (C)[4]
  • Cheerleading Technique Camps (CTC)[4]
  • International All-Levels Championship (IALC)[4]
  • Spirit Xpress Cheerleading (SXC)[4]
  • The American Championships (TAC)[4]
  • Athletic Championships (AC)[4]
  • Varsity Spirit Fashions (VSF)[4]
  • Cheerleader & Danzteam (CDT)[4]
  • Varsity Uniforms (VU)[4]
  • Universal Dance Association (UDA)[4]
  • Ozone (O)[4]

The Summit[edit]


Division Gold Silver Bronze
Level 1 Small Youth Starlite All Stars - Royalty The Cheer Center - Stars Rockstar Cheer - Ting Tings
Level 1 Large Youth Terre Haute All Star Cheer University Warren County All Stars The Tumble Tree Twisters - Youth Silver
Level 1 Small Junior Texas Power Athletics - Black CheerForce Orange County - Jade Nocona Cheer Unlimited - Shining Stars
Level 1 Large Junior Storm All Stars - Twisters CC Champs - Glory SI Spirit All Stars
Level 1 Small Senior Pro Spirit All Star Fushion - Teal Starlite All Stars - Legacy
Level 1 Large Senior Cheer Tyme All-Stars of Georgia - Feisty The California All Stars - Sr Titanium Rockstar Cheer - Black Crowes
Level 2 Small Youth Infinity Allstars - Youth Sharks FCA Gems - Emeralds United Force of Ohio - Voltage
Level 2 Large Youth Rockstar Cheer - Bangles Louisiana Cheer Force - Ruby Red Valley All Stars - Rockstars
Level 2 Small Junior Cheer Express All Stars - Junior Red Texas Power Athletics - Gold Hawaii All Stars
Level 2 Large Junior The California All Stars - Royals The Stingray Allstars Vizion All Stars - Junior 2
Level 2 Small Senior Devilray All Stars - Blue East Coast Nitros - Shockwave Rockstar Cheer - Eagles
Level 2 Large Senior The Stingray All Stars & The California All Stars - Roulettes Extreme All Stars - Senior Orange Terre Haute All Star Cheer University
Level 3 Small Youth East Celebrity Elite - CT - VIP Cheer Corp - Ranger Co. Cheer Florida All Stars - Thunderbirds
Level 3 Small Junior Georgia Heat Pittsburgh Superstars - Primadonnas Cheer Express All Stars - Junior White
Level 4 Large Youth The Matrix All Stars - Fireflies Pro Spirit Cheer Tyme Chantilly - Cherish
Level 4 Small Junior Top Gun - J4 ICE - Super Freeze Cheer Express All Stars - Junior Elite
Level 4 Large Junior The Stingray Allstars Twister All-Stars - Junior Aqua The California All Stars - Fierce 4
Level 4 Small Senior Rock Solid All Stars Hawaii All Stars - Rainbows Python All Stars - Mojave Pythons
Level 4 Large Senior ICE - Passion The Stingray Allstars Spirit Explosion - Fury
Level 4 Small Senior Co-Ed Florida Top Dog All Stars The California All Stars - Blackjacks Spirit Xtreme - Strength
Level 4 Large Senior Co-Ed Star Athletics All Stars - Senior Black South Elite All-Stars - Onyx The California All Stars - Swagg
Level 4.2 Small Senior Spirit All-Stars - Emeralds Vizion All Stars - Senior 4.2 Starlite All Stars - Prodigy
Level 4.2 Large Senior East Celebrity Elite CC Champs - Power All That Sensations - Platinum
Level 4.2 Large Senior Co-Ed First Class Athletics SuperherosInfinity Allstars - Dark Matter
Level 5 Small Junior The California All Stars - Junior Mafia ACX Jags - Columbia Ultimate Athletics - Dynasty
Level 5 Large Junior The Stingray All Stars World Cup - Starlites
Level 5 Small Senior Restricted Atlanta Jayhawks Devilray All Stars - Black Angels Cheer Central Suns
Level 5 Small Senior Co-Ed Restricted Infinity Allstars - Senior Black Rockstar Cheer - Red Hot Chili Peppers Cheer Legendz - Cheetahz
Level 5 Large Senior Co-Ed Restricted South Jersey Storm - Surge Vizion All Stars - Senior 5 ACE Cheer Company of MS - Chiefs


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