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WAPDA Town, Lahore
Residential Area

Nickname(s): WECHS

WAPDA Town, Society Office
Country Pakistan
State Punjab
District & City Lahore
Code 042
Language Urdu
Established 1978
Postal Code 54770

WAPDA Town is located in the southern part of Lahore; neighbouring societies and towns include Valencia Town, PCSIR Society Phase II, Johar Town, Punjab Government Employees Society, NFC Phase 1, and Iqbal Avenue Co-operative Housing Society.

Wapda Town Blocks[edit]

Both Phases of Wapda Town are divided into Blocks named in ascending alphabetical sequence i.e. Phase 1 include Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, Block F, Block G, Block H, Block I, Block J and Block K etc. These Blocks are further divided into sub divisions i.e. Block K1, Block K2 and Block K3 etc. The main aim of division is to make it easy to allocate the resources to residents of every Block, i.e. each division of Block has its own utilities including roads, utilities, parks etc.


Infrastructure of Wapda Town include basic to modern living amenities that make the site up-to-date and well established. Carpeted roads, very beautiful living environment, and provision of all utilities, Educational Institutes and Recreational Parks; all these facilities are part of Wapda Town Lahore. New departmental stores have opened and other shops of different amenities are now being open as well[1]

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