WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship

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WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Mighty Ursus
Date won July 19, 2014
Promotion World Wrestling Council (WWC)
Date established July 21, 1982
Other name(s) WWC World Heavyweight Championship

The WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship and the top title contested for in the Puerto Rican professional wrestling promotion, the World Wrestling Council. The championship was established in July 1982, as the WWC World Heavyweight Championship, when the company was named Capitol Sports Promotions. The championship received its current name following a match between Carlos Colón (WWC World Heavyweight Champion) and Ric Flair (NWA World Heavyweight Champion) where the "Champion of the Universe" was supposed to be determined. The first champion was Abdullah the Butcher, who was billed as champion upon the title's creation. Since being established the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship has been possessed by forty-three different wrestlers. Its has also been held up on nineteen occasions and vacated or stripped twelve times.


The WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship was first introduced as the WWC World Heavyweight Championship, when it was awarded to Abdullah the Butcher, after he won a "tournament" that supposedly took place in Japan. The tournament was part of a storyline and was used to relate to Abdullah's previous run in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Three days later Carlos Colón became the first local wrestler to win the championship. During the championship's first years Colón would defend the championship successfully against several international wrestlers, only losing it when a "feud angle" was being promoted.[1]

During December 1983, Capitol Sports Promotions gave a significant amount of promotion to an angle between Ric Flair and Carlos Colón. At the moment when the feud happened Colón was the WWC World Heavyweight Champion and Flair was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The angle included a spot where Flair would criticize Capitol's championship, claiming that he was the only "real world champion". This led to a match on December 18, 1983 where both wrestlers competed in an event organized at Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The match was billed as a fight to determine the "undisputed champion of the Universe", and it took place inside a steel cage. Flair lost the match and Colón was declared the "undisputed champion of the Universe", in the process the championship was renamed to WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship. February 17, 1985 marked the first time that the championship's holder changed outside of Puerto Rico, when Dory Funk, Jr. won it. After a rematch ended in a draw, the title was held up for the first time since its foundation. After Colón defeated Flair, he would go on several undefeated streaks; this lasted until Funk "injured" him in a match. This event led to the championship being vacated for the first time.[1]

He subsequently competed in a tournament to determine the new champion where he won it for a fifth time. After this he was involved in an angle where Hercules Ayala turned on him and won the championship. This led to the organization of several matches, before he won it on a rematch. Sadistic Steve Strong was the next champion, upon his entrance to the company he was billed as a "satanic heel". Both wrestlers traded the title until it was held up and won by Colón (in what marked his tenth title reign) who held it until December 17, 1989, when he lost it to Leo Burke.[1]

Following this Burke would go on to feud with Juan Rivera who at the time was referred to as "TNT". Both wrestlers had been involved in a mid-card feud prior to this. Rivera won the championship on February 9, 1990, eventually losing it to Abdullah the Butcher, who lost it to Colón. The title was held up numerous times on 1991, as part of feuds between Colón, Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo.[1]

On August 1, 1993 Colón announced that he was retiring, vacating the championship in the process. Following this a tournament was scheduled to determine a new champion. On August 8, 1993, the final took place when Greg Valentine defeated Invader #1 to become the new champion, which led to a feud between both men. During this time Invader was part of the booking team and was interested in giving Ray González a push as the company's top face. Then on April 24, 1994 Invader was supposed to challenge Valentine for the championship but was replaced by González following a "injury". González won the match and became the champion in an unexpected result. González wasn't well received as a face and subsequently lost the championship to Dutch Mantel on June 22, 1994. This led to an angle between Mantel and Colón, who won the championship a sixteenth time. He was subsequently involved in a feud with Mabel, in which both wrestlers had a reign, which Colón eventually ended with Abdullah the Butcher winning the championship and engaging in a feud with Bronco, who won the championship on March 23, 1996. This led to a feud with Colón, who defeated Bronco in a retirement vs. deportation match. After this Colón retained the championship, with it being held up once during this period. On June 25, 1996 Jesús Castillo, Jr. won the title while working a tour in Puerto Rico.[citation needed] Castillo dropped the title back to Colón on the last date of this tour.[citation needed] Colón was then involved in angles with El Nene and Jim Steele with both of the winning the title once before dropping it back. Following this Colón announced a semi-retirement and vacated the championship. A tournament was held with González winning it again.[2]

During this run Ray was pushed and his adversaries tried to put him over. This was followed by an angle where González and Colón would experience trouble and after González lost and regained the title against El Nene, both had a feud where Colón won the championship for a twenty-third time, but ended up losing it back to Ray the following day. González defended the title until November 26, 1998 when Glamour Boy Shane won it, losing it to González two days after. Over the course of three months Ray lost and regained the title against Colón again. This year the World Wrestling Council ran an invasion angle where personnel from Asistencia Asesoría y Administración wrestled in the company; this led to a feud between Pierroth, Jr. and González. Both of them faced each other in a hair vs. mask match for the championship, where González won and Pierroth was forced to remove his mask. The following day Pierroth won the championship; this feud ended in a "loser leaves WWC" match that González won and thus became champion for a ninth time. Soon after this González was involved in an angle where Carly Colón made his debut in wrestling, eventually helping Colón win the championship for the last occasion in his career.[2]

González would win the championship back on January 6, 2000. This was followed by an angle that saw Carly win the title. The feud continued with González bringing foreign wrestlers to challenge him for the title, among whom were Curt Hennig and Jerry Flynn, who won the title eventually losing it to Bronco, who lost to Ray shortly after. González was then involved in a feud where he retained against El Super Gladiador, during which the title was held up once. Carly won the championship back on the last show of 2001, which took place on December 1, 2001. This time he feuded with Vampiro who won the title once, with the title being subsequently held up and finally being won by Colón again. After this he was involved with Konnan who won and dropped the championship in a day. By this time González left WWC and Carly was matched against Chicky Starr who won the championship and had a short run until losing it back. Carly's final feud before signing with World Wrestling Entertainment was against Sabu with both men trading the championship once.[3]

When Carly left to Ohio Valley Wrestling a tournament was scheduled, where Lightning won the championship. He feuded with Thunder for some time and would go on to lose the championship to El Diamante on September 13, 2003. Diamante lost the championship, losing it to Carly who was on a temporal stay with the company and then losing it to Abdullah the Butcher on the final days of his stay. The wrestler didn't defend the title many times, however, and it was vacated. Bronco won a tournament organized for the championship and lost it to Eddie Colón, leading to a feud between both. Eddie was pushed and defended against Jim Steele, Abyss and Abdullah the Butcher with the championship being held up only once. This led to a feud with El Diamante where both traded the championship before El Diamante left the company. During this time Bryan debuted with the company and won the championship shortly after, getting involved in a feud with Glamour Boy Shane, who won it on the company's Aniversario event on November 6, 2005.[3]

The IWA's unification of the "Capitol World Heavyweight Championship"[edit]

Blitz holds the championships, with the "Capitol Heavyweight Championship" on the foreground

On December 15, 2007, Scott Hall failed to attend a title defense which led to the fictional box and wrestling commission's decision to vacate the championship and award it to the number one contender, who at the moment was Miguel "Biggie Size" Maldonado.[4] On December 29, 2007, the Universal championship was announced as "held-up" following the events where he was declared the champion following Hall's absence to Lockout. The commission's decision was announced during the company's holiday recess and Maldonado still retained physical possession of the championship belt. On January 6, 2008, Jack Meléndez, who had been managing La Rabia, the stable where he performed, abandoned the company citing differences with the company's personnel.[5] Following Meléndez's exit from the company, La Rabia abandoned the company as well, no-showing the special event scheduled for January 6, 2008. That same night, Maldonado appeared at the International Wrestling Association's Histeria Boricua event, with the championship belt still in his possession and challenged Freddie "Blitz" Lozada, the current IWA World Heavyweight Champion to a unification match.[6] The match took place later in the event with Lozada winning both belts.[7] Following this match WWC's merchandise manager, José Roberto Rodríguez, who had been allowed entry into the building, demanded that the belt was returned to him. However, by this time, the IWA's personnel had replaced the belt with Revolution X-Treme Wrestling's championship belt (which was in Savio Vega's possession) and had transferred the Universal Championship to a secure location. This led to a discussion between personnel from both companies and Rodríguez's expulsion from the event.[6] After the event's conclusion, police officers were contacted but the IWA retained physical possession of the championship.[8] The belt was returned to WWC personnel following an ultimatum, which claimed that the company would take legal action if it wasn't returned within forty-eight hours.[9] However, both the International Wrestling Association and the National Wrestling Alliance recognized the unification match, considering Lozada the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in Puerto Rico.[10]

Tournament and belt design[edit]

WWC organized a tournament to determine the next champion. Eliminatories for this event lasted for six months, using a points system to select the finalists. The final was held on July 19, 2008, at Aniversario 2008, with a match between Noriega and Orlando Colón. A new belt (designed by Mike Nicolau) was introduced, while the former design was awarded to Carlos Colón, who held a retirement ceremony at the event. Noriega won the event by pinfall. After 36 days with the title, he left the company while still the champion, signing a contract with a promotion named Extreme Wrestling Organization, who was in association with a publicity company known as Wrestle Event, which facilitated the loan of large facilities.[11] Shortly after, EWO partnership with Wrestle Event dissolved and Noriega returned to the IWA, while still holding physical possession of the title, which he kept with himself in a black bag.. This forced to company to return to the former design, with Ray González being the first to claim it in order to fill the vacancy. At Aniversario 2009, Noriega returned to the company with the second belt and was included in an angle with the holder of the original belt, Benjamín "BJ" Jímenez. A first unification match was held at Summer Madness, with both titles being held up following a controversial finish. On September 26, 2009, Noriega was booked to defeat Jímenez, winning both belts and unifying the title, holding it for a day before dropping them to Shane Sewell. On November 1, 2009, Sewell and the incumbent IWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Bravo, performed in a Dominican Wrestling Entertainment event, with Bravo's DWE Dominican National Championship being held up after the creative team booked a no contest. This marked the first instance that the two major champions worked together while holding full recognition by both promotions.

Title history[edit]

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by WWC.
Wrestler: Times: Date: Days
Location: Notes:
Abdullah the Butcher 1 July 21, 1982 3 San Juan, Puerto Rico Abdullah was billed as the WWC World Heavyweight Champion upon arrival and later billed as having defeated Antonio Inoki on June 20 in Okinawa, Japan to win the title.[12]
Carlos Colón 1 July 24, 1982 273 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Ox Baker 1 April 23, 1983 21 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 2 May 14, 1983 655 San Juan, Puerto Rico Following this event the title was renamed to the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship[12]
Dory Funk, Jr. 1 February 27, 1985 80 Bangor, Maine At an International Championship Wrestling event. This marked the first (and, to date, only) time that the title changed hands outside of Puerto Rico.
Title held up May 18, 1985 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Carlos Colón.[12]
Carlos Colón 3 June 15, 1985 98 San Juan, Puerto Rico Won rematch against Dory Funk, Jr.[12]
Title held up September 21, 1985 San Juan, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Abdullah the Butcher.
Carlos Colón 4 October 19, 1985 193 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Won rematch against Abdullah the Butcher.[12]
Vacated April 30, 1986 The title was vacated when Colón was injured.
Carlos Colón 5 September 21, 1986 300 San Juan, Puerto Rico Defeated Terry Funk in a tournament final.[12]
Hercules Ayala 1 July 18, 1987 64 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 6 September 20, 1987 146 Ponce, Puerto Rico [12]
Hercules Ayala 2 February 13, 1988 56 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 7 April 9, 1988 105 Caguas, Puerto Rico [12]
Hercules Ayala 3 July 23, 1988 32 Arecibo, Puerto Rico [12]
Stripped August 24, 1988 Ayala was stripped of the title after attacking Carlos Colón's wife during a banquet.
Ron Garvin 1 November 24, 1988 18 Carolina, Puerto Rico Defeated Carlos Colón in a tournament final.[12]
Carlos Colón 8 December 12, 1988 166 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Steve Strong 1 May 27, 1989 133 Caguas, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 9 October 7, 1989 21 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [12]
Title held up October 28, 1989 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Steve Strong.
Carlos Colón 10 November 23, 1989 24 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Strong in a rematch.[12]
Leo Burke 1 December 17, 1989 54 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico [12]
TNT 1 February 9, 1990 43 Caguas, Puerto Rico [12]
Abdullah the Butcher 2 March 24, 1990 7 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 11 March 31, 1990 259 San Juan, Puerto Rico [12]
Title held up December 15, 1990 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Held up after a match involving Greg Valentine.[12]
Carlos Colón 12 February 2, 1991 245 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Valentine in a rematch.[12]
Title held up October 5, 1991 Carolina, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Dino Bravo.
Carlos Colón 13 November 2, 1991 91 Carolina, Puerto Rico Defeated Bravo in a rematch.[12]
Ron Garvin 2 February 1, 1992 63 Caguas, Puerto Rico [12]
Carlos Colón 14 April 4, 1992 126 Caguas, Puerto Rico [12]
Invader I 1 August 8, 1992 42 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [12]
Abdullah the Butcher 3 September 19, 1992 4 Carolina, Puerto Rico [13]
Invader I 2 September 23, 1992 17 Awarded the title when decision of the September 19 match is overturned because of outside interefence by Dick Murdoch.
Title held up October 10, 1992 Ponce, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Dick Murdoch.
Dick Murdoch 1 October 25, 1992 34 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated the Invader in a rematch.[13]
Carlos Colón 15 November 28, 1992 246 Manatí, Puerto Rico [13]
Vacated August 1, 1993 Colón retired.
Greg Valentine 1 August 8, 1993 259 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Invader I in a tournament final.[13]
Ray González 1 April 24, 1994 59 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Dutch Mantel 1 June 22, 1994 45 Toa Alta, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 16 August 6, 1994 496 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [13]
Title held up December 15, 1995 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Mabel.
Carlos Colón 17 January 6, 1996 1 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeated Mabel in a rematch.[13]
Mabel 1 January 7, 1996 34 San Germán, Puerto Rico [13]
Abdullah the Butcher 4 February 10, 1996 42 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
El Bronco 1 March 23, 1996 28 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 18 April 20, 1996 35 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Title held up May 25, 1996 Caguas, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Mr. Hughes.
Carlos Colón 19 June 15, 1996 157 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeated Hughes in a rematch.[13]
Huracán Castillo 1 October 19, 1996 4 Humacao, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 20 October 23, 1996 122 Awarded by official decision.
El Nene 1 February 22, 1997 15 Ponce, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 21 March 9, 1997 13 Humacao, Puerto Rico [13]
Title held up March 22, 1997 Yabucoa, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Jim Steele.
Carlos Colón 22 April 5, 1997 36 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Vacated May 11, 1997 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Ray González 2 August 13, 1997 172 Humacao, Puerto Rico Defeated Tom Brandi in a tournament final.[13]
Title held up February 1, 1998 Manatí, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Fidel Sierra.
Ray González 3 February 14, 1998 43 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeated Sierra in a rematch.[13]
El Nene 2 March 29, 1998 41 Gurabo, Puerto Rico [13]
Stripped May 9, 1998 El Nene was stripped of the title for using a foreign object.
Ray González 4 May 9, 1998 84 Awarded.
Carlos Colón 23 August 1, 1998 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico [13]
Ray González 5 August 2, 1998 116 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Defeated Colón in rematch.
Glamour Boy Shane 1 November 26, 1998 2 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [13]
Ray González 6 November 28, 1998 39 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 24 January 6, 1999 3 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Stripped January 9, 1999 Colón was stripped of the title for using an illegal object against the referee and against Gonzalez.
Ray González 7 January 9, 1999 77 Awarded.
Title held up March 27, 1999 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Pierroth, Jr.[13]
Ray González 8 April 3, 1999 1 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Defeated Pierroth Jr. in a rematch.[13]
Pierroth, Jr. 1 April 4, 1999 13 San Germán, Puerto Rico [13]
Ray González 9 April 17, 1999 119 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico [13]
Carlos Colón 25 August 14, 1999 213 Caguas, Puerto Rico [13]
Title held up November 13, 1999 Naguabo, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Ray Gonzalez.
Carlos Colón 26 November 27, 1999 42 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Ray González 10 January 8, 2000 21 Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 1 January 29, 2000 21 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Ray González 11 February 19, 2000 148 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 2 July 16, 2000 76 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Curt Hennig 1 September 30, 2000 4 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Title held up October 4, 2000 Held up after a match against Carly Colón.
Carly Colón 3 November 25, 2000 84 Carolina, Puerto Rico Defeated Hennig in a rematch.
Jerry Flynn 1 February 17, 2001 14 Manatí, Puerto Rico
El Bronco 2 March 3, 2001 28 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Ray González 12 March 31, 2001 77 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Title held up June 16, 2001 Carolina, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against Super Gladiador.
Ray González 13 July 7, 2001 147 Carolina, Puerto Rico Defeated Super Gladiador in a rematch.
Carly Colón 4 December 1, 2001 126 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Vacated April 6, 2002 Carly Colón surrendered the title to Vampiro, following a controversial match between the two.
Vampiro 1 April 6, 2002 0
Title held up April 6, 2002 Held up by official decision.
Carly Colón 5 April 13, 2002 203 Fajardo, Puerto Rico Defeated Vampiro for the held up title.
Konnan 1 November 2, 2002 21 San Sebastián, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 6 November 23, 2002 49 Las Piedras, Puerto Rico
Chicky Starr 1 January 11, 2003 21 Morovis, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 7 February 1, 2003 42 Humacao, Puerto Rico
Sabu 1 March 15, 2003 77 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 8 May 31, 2003 7 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Title held up June 7, 2003 Cayey, Puerto Rico Held up after a match against El Bronco.
Carly Colón 9 June 14, 2003 13 Cataño, Puerto Rico Defeated El Bronco in a rematch.
Vacated June 27, 2003 Vacated when Carly Colón signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.
Lightning 1 July 18, 2003 57 Guayama, Puerto Rico Defeated Eddie Colón in a tournament final.
Dominican Boy 1 September 13, 2003 98 Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
Carly Colón 10 December 20, 2003 14 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Abdullah the Butcher 5 January 3, 2004 252 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Vacated September 11, 2004
El Bronco 3 September 25, 2004 42 Carolina, Puerto Rico Defeated Huracan Castillo in a tournament final.
Eddie Colón 1 November 6, 2004 35 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Title held up December 11, 2004 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Eddie Colón 2 January 6, 2005 142 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeated Titus for the held up title.
El Diamante 2 May 28, 2005 49 Gurabo, Puerto Rico
Eddie Colón 3 July 16, 2005 55 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Title held up September 9, 2005 Manatí, Puerto Rico
La Amenaza Bryan 1 September 11, 2005 56 Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico
Glamour Boy Shane 2 November 6, 2005 90 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
La Amenaza Bryan 2 February 4, 2006 49 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Lance Hoyt 1 March 25, 2006 0 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Black Pain 1 March 25, 2006 140 Carolina, Puerto Rico
La Amenaza Bryan 3 August 12, 2006 39 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [14]
Title Vacant September 20, 2006 Amenaza Bryan was stripped of the title after leaving the company due to payment and creative differences.
Abbad 1 September 30, 2006 28 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Won a tournament final to determine the new champion[15]
Jon Heidenreich 1 October 28, 2006 49 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [16]
(Carly Colón)
11 December 16, 2006 0 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [17]
Jon Heidenreich 2 December 16, 2006 21 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Carlito was stripped of the belt due to his WWE commitments.[17]
Eddie Colón 4 January 6, 2007 70 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [18]
Alofa The Samoan Tank 1 March 17, 2007 56 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [19]
Apollo 1 May 12, 2007 7 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [20]
Eddie Colón 5 May 19, 2007 22 Manatí, Puerto Rico Colón participated in a Battle Royal where Apollo defended the championship[21]
Apollo 2 June 10, 2007 34 Yauco, Puerto Rico [22]
Razor Ramon 1 July 14, 2007 154 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Won a three way match that included Carlito and Apollo[23]
Biggie Size 1 December 15, 2007 14 Caguas, Puerto Rico Won the title by forfeit when Scott Hall failed to show up and Biggie Size pinned Moddy Melendez[24]
Title held up December 29, 2007 Announced on a spot during television programming, the decision was not officially announced by the company and the incumbent retained custody of the championship
Vacant January 6, 2008 San Juan, Puerto Rico The title was vacated when Biggie Size didn't attend a title match, instead choosing to participate in a unification match against the International Wrestling Association's heavyweight champion
Blitz 1 January 6, 2008 195 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Blitz defeated Biggie Size in a unification match and became the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in Puerto Rico that is recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance But Not By World Wrestling Council (WWC)
Noriega 1 July 19, 2008 37 San Juan, Puerto Rico Defeated Orlando Colón in a tournament final[25]
Vacant August 25, 2008 Vacated when Noriega leaves the company; decision announced during television segment.[26]
Ray González 14 September 21, 2008 140 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Shane to win the vacant title.
Steve Corino 1 February 8, 2009 153 Naguabo, Puerto Rico
BJ 1 July 11, 2009 35 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Steve Corino at Aniversario 2009.
Title held up August 15, 2009 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [27]
Noriega 2 September 26, 2009 1 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated BJ to become the first ever WWC Unified Universal Heavyweight Champion at Septiembre Negro.
Glamour Boy Shane 3 September 27, 2009 62 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Defeated BJ, Noriega and Orlando Colón.
Noriega 3 November 28, 2009 49 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [28]
BJ 2 January 16, 2010 56 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ray González 15 March 13, 2010 42 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Scott Steiner 1 April 24, 2010 35 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Title held up May 29, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Title held up after a match between Steiner and Ray González went to a no contest[29]
Ray González 16 July 11, 2010 20 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Scott Steiner in a match refereed by Ricky Banderas[30]
Shelton Benjamin 1 July 31, 2010 119 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [31]
Carly Colón 12 November 27, 2010 42 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [32]
Ricky Banderas 1 January 8, 2011 105 Bayamón, Puerto Rico [33]
Vacant Title vacated when Banderas leaves to the International Wrestling Association.
Steve Corino 2 April 23, 2011 42 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Carlito, Shane the Glamour Boy and Gilbert in a gauntlet match to win the vacant title.
Carly Colón 13 June 4, 2011 274 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeated Steve Corino at Summer Madness
Gilbert 1 March 4, 2012 118 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Carlito at Noche de Campeones
Apollo 3 June 30, 2012 70 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Gilbert at Aniversario 39
Andy Leavine 1 September 8, 2012 50 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Apolo and Gilbert at Septiembre Negro[34]
Ray González 17 October 28, 2012 126 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeated Andy Leavine at Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza
Super Fénix 2 March 3, 2013 55 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Hair vs Title Match. Previously known as Gilbert.
Ray González 18 March 27,2013 40 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Chris Angel 1 May 11,2013 438 Cataño, Puerto Rico
TNT 2 November 16, 2013 27 Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Mighty Ursus 1 December 15, 2013 34 Bayamon, Puerto Rico Win a Triple threat also including Chris Angel at Lockout 2013[35]
TNT 3 January 19, 2014 185 Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Ray González 19 March 8, 2014 185 Bayamon, Puerto Rico
The Mighty Ursus 2 July 19, 2014 [36]


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