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王小波 Wang Xiaobo
Born Beijing, China
Nationality People's Republic of China
Alma mater Renmin University of China and University of Pittsburgh
Spouse Li Yinhe

Wang Xiaobo (Chinese: 王小波; pinyin: Wáng Xiǎobō) (May 13, 1952 – April 11, 1997) was a renowned contemporary Chinese novelist and essayist from Beijing. He was a Rusticated Youth of China in Yunnan during Cultural Revolution. From 1978 to 1982, he studied at Renmin University of China. He went to the United States to continue his education in 1984 and received a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988. After his return to China, he taught at Peking University and Renmin University of China. He became a freelance writer in 1992. On April 11, 1997, Wang died of a heart attack in Beijing. Wang's published works include four fiction collections and two essay collections, some of which were translated into English and French. The film East Palace, West Palace by the Chinese director Zhang Yuan which screened at 1997 Cannes Film Festival was based on his novella Sentiments like water.

List of works[edit]

Wang Xiaobo has written several novels, short stories collections and essays.


  • 《红拂夜奔》 Running away at night
  • 《青铜时代》 The Bronze Age

Short story and novella collections[edit]

  • 《黄金时代》 The Golden Age
  • 《白银时代》 The Silver Age

Other works[edit]

  • 《我的精神家园》 My Spiritual Garden (essay)
  • 《沉默的大多数》 The Silent Majority (essay)

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