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This article is about the German surgeon. For the German musicologist, see Werner Korte (musicologist).

Werner Körte (October 21, 1853 – December 3, 1937) was a German surgeon born in Berlin. He was the brother of archaeologist Gustav Körte (1852–1917) and philologist Alfred Körte (1866–1946).

During the Franco-Prussian War he worked as a volunteer in a Typhuslazarett in Metz, and in 1875 earned his medical doctorate at the University of Strasbourg. From 1877 to 1879 he was an assistant to Robert Ferdinand Wilms (1824-1880) at the Bethanien Hospital in Berlin. When Wilms was incapacitated due to illness, he was provisional head at the hospital. From 1889 to 1924 he was director of the Krankenhaus Urban (Urban Hospital) in Berlin.

As a surgeon, Körte specialized in liver, gall bladder and pancreatic operations. From 1899 until 1929 he served as the first secretary of the German Society of Surgery, later being elected an honorary chairman (1930).

The singer Amalie Joachim died while undergoing a gall bladder operation under his care on February 3, 1899.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Die Chirurgie der Leber und der Gallenwege, (Surgery of the liver and gall bladder), 1892.
  • Beiträge zur Chirurgie der Gallenwege, (Contributions to gall bladder surgery), 1905.
  • Handbuch der Praktischen Chirurgie Kapitel zum Peritoneum (Textbook of practical surgery of the peritoneum).
  • Die Deutsche Klinik am Eingange des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts Abschnitt über Mastdarm.


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