Westchester Creek

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Looking east across the Creek

Westchester Creek (also known as Frenchman's Creek) is a tidal inlet of the East River located in the south eastern portion of The Bronx in New York City. It is 2.1 miles (3.39 km) in length. Pugsley's Creek is a right bank tributary of Westchester Creek. Ferry Point Park is on the left bank.

The first permanent European settlement in The Bronx, the town of Westchester, was established in 1654, by Thomas Pell and 15-20 settlers at the head of navigation of Westchester Creek.[1] Westchester Creek can be seen on the Hutchinson River Parkway near exit 1. The Bruckner Interchange straddles the creek.

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Coordinates: 40°49′24″N 73°50′24″W / 40.82333°N 73.84000°W / 40.82333; -73.84000