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This is especially for new Wikipediholics but in general for anyone.

Recovering from Wikipediholism[edit]

Read this every 1 hour you spend on Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is a great project. It's good to help Wikipedia. It's a good pastime and it's very educational.


  1. Every hour you spend at Wikipedia is an hour from your life. Do you have something more important to do? Do it first.
  2. Wikipedia may not help you realize your personal goals in life.
  3. Even though Wikipedia is educational, there may be other better ways of educating yourself. Wikipedia is not necessarily a substitute for them.
  4. Time is money. Are you sure you can afford the time to serve Wikipedia? If you can, well good but do so one hour at a time only!
  5. Sometimes it is necessary that you take a WikiBreak when you have something much more important to do. Moreover it will help in rejuvenating yourself.

All the best. Remember, Wikipedia wants you to be the best person you can. It is not the goal of the project to steal the time you can use to improve your career prospects, learn new skills, spend time with your family, rejuvenate yourself, or use any way you wish. Remember, it's your time and you are donating it to Wikipedia. It is healthy to donate what you can afford to donate, but no more.

Note: You can get break reminder software; some, like Workrave, can lock you out of your computer at the intervals of your choosing. If you only procrastinate on Wikipedia, then you can instead get an anti-Wikipediholism reminder once an hour or can use the WikiBreak Enforcer.