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Pavel Shkleinik
Together we can create a better feature

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'philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it' Karl Marx

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Komal Patel
Hello, I am student who loves editing articles, researching and knowing more about our community. I have a keen interest in gaming and branding.

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I like it when people teach me things.

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Sunil Dogra
Web Developer

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Sanskriti Bauri
Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

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"You are you, now isn't that pleasant?"-Dr. Suess

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Hi! I'm a student who enjoys history, science, technology, and cats!

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Ceannlann gorm
Good morning! My name is Ceannlann gorm, and I'm a recent addition to the editor hordes here on Wikipedia. My interests include strategy games & RPGs*, aerospace/spaceflight, robotics, Sci-Fi, and Military History & Technology. So far I've gotten a great welcome in the 4 days or so that I've been a member (long time lurker/hit & run anon editor before that), thanks very much for that. See ye around! Ceannlann gorm (talk) 11:50, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

(*Though I have been known to play the odd game of Team Fortress/TF2 among other things...)

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Vicki Foley-Annis
Brit abroad, loving life in the mountains with hubby, baby boy and furbots! A daily dose of sparkle, sunshine & coffee usually ensure a great day.

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James Edgar
I began by doing minor spelling and grammar edits a couple of years ago. Now, I want to create a page for Martha Brockenbrough, a notable writer. I'm struggling with the creation part.

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Sindhu Gandavarapu
Passioned,set an example ,and be a benchmark..

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Taehyong G.Mo Kang
Well, I have a strange goal... It's personal and not entirely with the spirit of Wikipedia.

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Eugene Jr.
Hi im new here love Wikipedia so much able to gain information and knowledge, and wanted to learn more things.

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Mike Chen
Ready to add to the Wikipedia!

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Basimbe Dan
an Dan Basimbe i like sharing and reading

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Preeti Sharma
Hi, I was born in Delhi, India, now working at the Microsoft India. I am an editor on English Wikipedia.

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Paul Litherland
You die as you live

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We tend to think of science as a "body of knowledge" which began to be accumulated when men hit upon the "scientific method." This is a superstition. It is more in keeping with the history of thought to describe science as the myths about the world which have not yet been found to be wrong. (p. 37) -Brett G. S. 1965

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Rakha Fabil
I am willing to learn new things in Wikipedia.

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Writing is my passion, It earns me bread and butter. I don't like the fame though, Ghost writing is my thing.

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Wikipedia looks like fun.

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Nadim Miah
Life is race run

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Christian Jutt
Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Read it or write it.

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Andrew DeCaro
what's Up

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The quest for knowledge never ceases.

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Frank Malcolm Kembery
It's the subtle things in life that make big things happen!

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Charles Guerin
Software Architect

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Abdullah Al Wasif
I am interested in articles relating to Islam.

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James Wallace
Trying to figure out how to satisfy the vague notability requirement

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Patrick Lau
Glued to Wikipedia 24/7. Newbie for now but eager to get admin privileges.

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[[User:{{subst:Rberchie}}| Raphael Berchie]]

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I am an undergraduate and I hope to contribute Wiki articles in relating to the healthcare sector.

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John maxel
Introducing Pakistan's Celebrities

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Sunil Adhikari
hello my name is Sunil and i am from Nepal, i am helping Wikipedia by editing places and things that i know! Just trying to increasing Wikipedia articles.

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Newbie on Wikipedia uploading a biography

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