Yolandi Visser

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Yolandi Visser
Yo-Landi of Die Antwoord during an interview at the Coachella Oasis 2010.jpg
Background information
Also known as Yo-Landi Vi$$er
Anica The Snuffling
Prawn Star
Born (1984-03-03) 3 March 1984 (age 30)[1]
Genres Alternative hip hop, rave, electronic
Years active 2001–present
Labels Zef Recordz, Cherrytree, Polydor, Rhythm Records
Associated acts MaxNormal.TV
The Constructus Corporation
Die Antwoord
Website www.dieantwoord.com

Yolandi Visser (styled as Yo-Landi Vi$$er; born 3 March 1984[1] as Anri du Toit)[2] is a South African singer and rapper who co-fronts the rap-rave group Die Antwoord.[3] She was also part of the music and art groups MaxNormal.TV and The Constructus Corporation.[4]


"MaxNormal.tv" was a South African 'corporate' hip-hop group in which Yolandi's role was as personal assistant to the front-man Max Normal (Watkin Tudor Jones). She appeared in several MaxNormal.tv music/art videos.

The Constructus Corporation[edit]

The Constructus Corporation was a project that released a concept album/graphic novel pairing The Ziggurat, which was released in December 2002.[5] It consisted of an 88-page pink hard-covered book, which contained a hand-written hiphop fantasy story written by Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja), and a bonus blank CD, which came with instructions for fans to fill it with a freely downloadable second album of music and narration. The Constructus Corporation disbanded in early 2003.

Die Antwoord[edit]

Die Antwoord is an experimental rap group consisting of Yo-landi Vi$$er, Ninja (Jones) and DJ Hi-Tek (Justin de Nobrega).[2][6] The band self-identifies as a melange of several diverse cultures all mixed into one.[6] Die Antwoord identifies their style as "Zef" music, Zef being an Afrikaans term which loosely translates to the culture of working class white South Africans, especially those residing in Cape Town.[6] Their lyrics are performed in both Afrikaans and English.[6][7][8] Visser sings and raps.[3]

Their debut album $O$ was made available as a free download on their official website.[7] In late 2009, South African cinematographer Rob Malpage co-directed (with Waddy), co-produced (with Zef Films and Die Antwoord) and filmed the video for their single "Enter the Ninja."[9] The promo became a viral video on the internet nine months later, delivering millions of hits to the official Die Antwoord website, eventually crashing the website's server.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Vi$$er is a vegetarian, according to a 2012 interview, and the line "I smell lovely 'cos I don't eat meat" from their song "Cookie Thumper!". Ninja is no longer a vegetarian[10] She also has a daughter, Sixteen Jones, with Ninja.[11]


With The Constructus Corporation
  • The Ziggurat (2003)
With MaxNormal.TV
With Die Antwoord

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