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Background information
Origin South Korea
Genres Rock
Years active 1996–present
Labels DEE Company
Universal Music Group Korea
Website ybrocks.com
Members Yoon Do-hyun
Huh Joon
Kim Jin-won
Park Tae-hee
Scott Hellowell

YB, also called Yoonband or Yoon Do Hyun Band, is one of the most famous rock bands in South Korea. It consists of Yoon Do-hyun (vocals and guitar), Huh Joon (guitar), Kim Jin-won (drums), and Park Tae-hee (bass guitar). Scott Hellowell (guitar) has become a member of YB since 2011. The band is named after the main vocalist and main producer, Yoon Do-hyun, who had originally performed solo and then later formed the band. They are signed by DEE Company and Universal Music Group Korea.

Early work[edit]

Yoon Do Hyun Band (aka YB) released its debut album In Front of the Postal Office in Autumn in 1994. Since then, it has released 12 music records including two live albums and 3 singles. Also, the lead singer, Yoon Do-hyun, created two solo albums, which contains the hit single I Did Love. It has also appeared in the movie The Jungle Story in which each member played a role. The group has been acclaimed[by whom?] for its powerful vocals and unique music style that presents Korean sensibilities. Yoon Do Hyun Band often intertwines its powerful rock style with traditional Korean musical instruments such as gayageum and daegeum and has produced various songs based on Korean sensibilities.

Turning Point[edit]

A big turning point for Yoon Do Hyun Band came in 2002, when Korea-Japan World Cup was held. During the World Cup, the media gave the name of 'the representative of Korean music band' to the group because its powerful and encouraging song Oh Pilseung Korea which means "Go Korea!" became hugely popular among all generations. It also adapted the most famous Korean folksong, Arirang, for a rooter's song. It changed the tune into a much more energetic rock style so that even youngsters could easily adopt the melody. Consequently, the band played a great role in the street cheering that made the 2002 World Cup well known throughout the world. Due to the popularity the band had achieved during the World Cup, it was later invited to The Performance of South and North Korean Artists in September in 2002, which was very rare for a rock band. However, some critics say that since the World Cup, the band has put more weight on songs that might appeal to the public rather than keeping their own musical style.

Contributions to human rights awareness[edit]

Yoon Do Hyun Band is also well known for its contribution to the improvement of human rights, performing a number of concerts for underprivileged people. The group was chosen as the first awardee of the WPMA (World Peace Music Award) in 2003.


Yoon Do Hyun Band has been acknowledged as the most popular rock musicians in Korea, selling more than 2 million albums and doing more than 100 live concerts around Korea. In 2005, the band also did a tour around Europe with the British rock band Steranko, mainly performing in underground clubs but showing their potential as world musicians. It was also invited to the *SXSW(South by SouthWest) Festival in Austin, Texas this year (2014), and was honored to perform at "the stage", the official showcase of the festival, as the first Asian rock band. Very few bands are chosen to perform at "the stage", but it was on the stage because it was selected as the best group among approximately 800 teams of musicians that attended the festival last year.

The band is actively performing throughout the year. The main vocalist, Yoon Do-hyun hosted a live music show on KBS2 called Yoon Do-hyun's love letter from 2002 to 2008.

Discography & Hit Songs[edit]

  • Vol.1 In Front of the Post Office of Autumn (가을 우체국 앞에서) (1994).

Title track : In Front of the Post Office of Autumn (가을 우체국 앞에서) Hits: Tarzan,Love Two, In Front of the Post Office of Autumn

  • Vol.2 Don't Cover it Up (가리지좀 마) (1997).

Title track : Don't Cover it Up (가리지좀 마) Hits: A Dreaming Girl, To Live on this Land, A Long Journey

  • Vol.3 Alienation (蘇外(소외)) (1998).

Title track: Someday (먼 훗날) Hits: A Yearning for 7 Years, Little by Little, Someday

  • Vol.4 To sing again Korean rock (4집 - 한국 Rock 다시 부르기) (1999).

Title track: Spin Spin Spin (돌고 돌고 돌고) Hits: Sending You Away, Wake Up, That Is My World

  • YB Live Vol. 1 Yoon Do Hyun Band
  • Vol.5 An urbanite (2001).

Title track : Peppermint Candy (박하사탕) Hits: Come to Me, Peppermint Candy, Mirror

  • YB Live Vol. 2 Live is Life
  • YB Live Vol. II Live is Life (Limited Edition)
  • Vol.6 [YB]stream (2003).

Title Track : I Will Fall In Love (사랑할거야) Hits: Flower Petals, Peppermint Candy 2, I Will Forget, I Will Fall in Love

  • [YB]stream - Special Edition Album
  • Single - Nation Anthem (애국가)
  • Single - 2006 World-Cup Cheer Song
  • Single - Han Ban Do O.S.T - 1178
  • Vol.7 Why Be (2006).

Title Track: Today (오늘은) Hits: I'm a butterfly, Today

  • YB Live Vol. 3: After 10 Years (2007)
  • Digital Single - Tell Me
  • Vol.8 Coexistence (共存 (공존)) (2009).

Title Track: Still You (아직도 널) Hits: No Regrets, Still You, Talk To Me

  • Harmony (Present for Flying Penguin) (2009)

Title Track: 너라면 좋겠어 (I'd Like it if it was you) Hits: 너라면 좋겠어 (I'd Like it if it was you)

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Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2002 Best Rock Performance "Love Two"[1] Won
2003 "I'll Get Over You" (잊을께)[2] Nominated
2005 Best Male Artist "It Must Have Been Love" (사랑했나봐)[3] Nominated
2006 Best Music Video "Today" (오늘은)[4][5] Nominated
Best Rock Performance Nominated
2011 Mnet Specialized Award[6] N/A Won


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