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Mnet Asian Music Awards
Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2013.png
Mnet Asian Music Awards logo for 2013
Awarded for Outstanding achievements in the music industry
Country South Korea
Presented by CJ E&M Pictures (Mnet)
First awarded November 27, 1999
Official website Mnet Asian Music Awards
Television coverage
Network Mnet and other international networks

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (commonly abbreviated as MAMA) is one of the major K-pop music awarding ceremonies held annually by CJ E&M Music and Live, involving the participation of some of the most well-known actors and idols. As one of the most important events in the South Korean music industry, it has been attended by many popular and most successful K-pop singers such as Lee Hyori, 2NE1, 2PM, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls' Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, IU, Infinite, Exo, Beast, SHINee and other musically active artists in South Korea.



The Awards began in 1999 under the name " Korean Music Festival" (MKMF) till 2008.[1]

In 2009, the Awards was renamed to " Asian Music Awards" (MAMA). This marked a change in concept and the way they will handle how people may vote for which artistes win the awards. The 2009 MAMA was broadcast live in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia through Channel V International. The special main event is the "Global Artist Award". In addition, a trot award is added to the genre along with other pop music awards.

For the first time, the 2010 Asian Music Festival was held outside of South Korea. For the 12th annual event, it was held at the Venetian Resort Macao in Macao, China and aired live in many countries. BoA won the "Best Female Solo Award" but was not present to accept the award due to S.M. Entertainment's (BoA's music agency) controversies with Mnet Media. The award presentation was not broadcast. In addition, CNBLUE who won "Best New Male Group Award", 2AM, who won "Best Vocal Performance by a Group", and 2AM's Jo Kwon and Ga-In, who won "Best Collaboration" were also not broadcast due to attendance.[2]

In 2011, the Mnet Asian Music Awards took place in the Singapore Indoor Stadium and had performances from famous international artists such as and from The Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kumi Koda and Jane Zhang.[3] The MAMAs is co-hosted by Singapore broadcaster MediaCorp.[4]


2009: Boycott[edit]

In 2009, S.M. Entertainment and Inwoo Production boycotted the 2009 MAMA event on 21 November, hence none of their artists attended the event. Inwoo Production representing trot singers Jang Yoon-jeong and Park Hyun-bin, announced the boycott and questioned the fairness of the awards ceremony. S.M. Entertainment stated that they have reservation regarding the standard of fairness and criteria used in their selections, citing that Girls' Generation had topped a music chart for nine consecutive weeks but was never placed first place on their show and only debut on their charts a month after the album was released. They also asked that their artists be removed from a mobile poll which requires participants to pay a fee in order to vote saying they "do not want to see fans suffer any damage from the poll which has commercial intentions".[5]

SS501 from DSP Media, Son Dam-bi and After School from Pledis Entertainment also did not attend the award ceremony but cited scheduling conflicts rather than boycott.[6][7]

2010: Non-attendance[edit]

In 2010, Rain, MBLAQ, 2AM, Beast, T-ara, Davichi[8] 4Minute, Kara, Super Junior, Girls' Generation,[9] Wheesung, BoA, After School, Son Dam-bi,[10] Lee Hyori, CNBLUE,[11] G.NA, and Rainbow who were all nominated did not attend the 2010 MAMA event in Macau, the first time it was held overseas. Many cited scheduling conflicts and that the live broadcast of MAMA on November 28 clashed with the live weekly broadcast of SBS's music show Inkigayo. Core Contents Media stated that T-ara and Davichi will not be attending due to scheduling conflicts. FNC announced that CN Blue will not attend due to individual activities despite being nominated for "Rookie of the Year", "Best Band Performance" and the "Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave" award. Jung Yong-hwa of CN Blue is also one of the three MCs for Inkigayo and member Kang Min Hyuk will be taking part in a SBS upcoming drama.[12] J. Tune Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment also stated that their artists would not be attending.


The show is broadcast live in thirteen countries across Asia. In South Korea and Japan, it is broadcast on Mnet. Other TV channels that have broadcast the show include STAR World, Channel M (Southeast Asia), Channel V, Music On! TV (Japan), 8TV (Malaysia), MediaCorp Channel U (Singapore), Indosiar (Indonesia), Myx (Philippines), MY TV (Cambodia), Mnet America (United States), NRK (Norway) and SBS (Australia). The show is also broadcast online from Mnet's website in South Korea, Sohu in China, YouTube Live and Allkpop for the rest of the world.[13]

Host venues[edit]

Year Date City Venue Host Ref Korean Music Festival (MKMF)
1999 Saturday, November 27 Seoul, South Korea Little Angels Arts Center Choi Hal Li [14]
2000 Friday, November 24 Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Hyun-joo
2001 Friday, November 23 Cha Tae-hyun and Song Hye-kyo
2002 Friday, November 29 Shin Dong-yup and Kim Jung-eun
2003 Thursday, November 27 Kyung Hee University Cha Tae-hyun and Sung Yu-ri
2004 Saturday, December 4 Shin Dong-yup and Kim Jung-eun
2005 Sunday, November 27 Olympic Gymnastics Arena Shin Dong-yup and Kim Ah-joong
2006 Saturday, November 25 Shin Dong-yup and Kim Ok-bin
2007 Saturday, November 17 Seoul Olympic Stadium Shin Dong-yup and Lee Da-hae
2008 Saturday, November 15 Rain
Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
2009 Saturday, November 21 Seoul, South Korea Seoul Olympic Stadium [15]
2010 Sunday, November 28 Macau, China CotaiArena, The Venetian Macao [16]
2011 Tuesday, November 29 Singapore, Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium [17]
2012 Friday, November 30 Hong Kong Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre [18]
2013 Friday, November 22 AsiaWorld–Arena [19]
2014 Wednesday, December 3 Hong Kong [20]

Award categories[edit]

Grand Prizes (Daesang)[edit]

From 1999 to 2005 the Grand Prizes had two awards: Music Video of the Year and Best Popular Music Video. In 2006, the categories were changed to Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year.

Album of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Artist Album
8th 2006 SG Wannabe The 3rd Masterpiece
9th 2007 Epik High Remapping the Human Soul
10th 2008 TVXQ Mirotic
11th 2009 G-Dragon Heartbreaker
12th 2010 2NE1 To Anyone
13th 2011 Super Junior[21] Mr. Simple
14th 2012 Super Junior[22] Sexy, Free & Single
15th 2013 EXO XOXO

Song of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
8th 2006 SG Wannabe "Partner for Life"
9th 2007 Big Bang "Lies"[23]
10th 2008 Wonder Girls "Nobody"
11th 2009 2NE1 "I Don't Care"
12th 2010 Miss A "Bad Girl Good Girl"
13th 2011 2NE1 "I Am the Best"
14th 2012 Psy[22] "Gangnam Style"
15th 2013 Cho Yong-pil "Bounce"

Artist of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Artist
8th 2006 TVXQ
9th 2007 Super Junior[24]
10th 2008 Big Bang
11th 2009 2PM
12th 2010 2NE1
13th 2011 Girls' Generation
14th 2012 Big Bang[22]
15th 2013 G-Dragon

Music Video of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 Lee Seung-hwan "A Request"
2nd 2000 Jo Sungmo "Do You Know"
3rd 2001 Wax "Fix My Makeup"
4th 2002 Jo PD "My Style"
5th 2003 Big Mama "Break Away"
6th 2004 BoA "My Name"
7th 2005 Drunken Tiger "All Marginalized, Left Foot Forward Hanbo!"

Best Popular Music Video[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 H.O.T. "I Yah!"
2nd 2000 H.O.T. "Outside Castle"
3rd 2001 g.o.d. "Lie"
4th 2002 BoA "No. 1"
5th 2003 Lee Hyori "10 Minutes"
6th 2004 Rain "It's Raining"
7th 2005 TVXQ "Rising Sun"

Singer awards[edit]

Best Male/Female Solo[edit]

Bout Year Male Artist Song Female Artist Song
1st 1999 Lee Seung-hwan "A Request" Uhm Jung-hwa "Don't Know"
2nd 2000 Shin Seung-hun "The Unwritten Legend" Park Ji-yoon "Coming of Age Ceremony"
3rd 2001 Kangta "Polaris" Kim Hyun-jung "You Who Left"
4th 2002 Sung Si-kyung "We Make a Good Pair" Jang Na-ra[note 1] "Sweet Dream"
5th 2003 Wheesung "With Me" Lee Soo-young "Solitary"
6th 2004 Seven "Passion" Lee Soo-young "Whistle to Me"
7th 2005 Kim Jong-kook "Standstill" BoA "Girls on Top"
8th 2006 Rain "I'm Coming" Baek Ji-young "I Won't Love"
9th 2007 Lee Seung-gi "White Lie" Ivy "Sonata of Temptation"
10th 2008 Seo Taiji "Moai" Lee Hyori "U-Go-Girl"
11th 2009 Tiger JK "Monster" Baek Ji-young "Like Being Hit by a Bullet"
12th 2010 Taeyang "I Need a Girl" BoA "Hurricane Venus"
13th 2011 Kim Hyun-joong "Break Down" Baek Ji-young "Ordinariness"
14th 2012 G-Dragon[22] "Crayon" IU[22] "You and I"
15th 2013 G-Dragon "Crooked" Lee Hyori "Bad Girls"

Best Male/Female/Mixed Group[edit]

Bout Year Male Group Song Female Group Song Mixed Group Song
1st 1999 H.O.T.[note 2] "I Yah!"
2nd 2000 g.o.d. "Love and Remember" Fin.K.L "Now" S#arp "Great!"
3rd 2001 Shinhwa "Wild Eyes" S.E.S. "Just In Love" Koyote "Paran"
4th 2002 Shinhwa "Perfect Man" S.E.S. "U" Jadu "We Need to Talk"
5th 2003 Shinhwa "Your Wedding" Jewelry "I Really Like You" Koyote "Emergency"
6th 2004 Shinhwa "Angel" Sugar "Secret" Koyote "Disco King"
7th 2005 SG Wannabe "Crime and Punishment" Jewelry "Superstar" Koyote "1, 2, 3, 4"
8th 2006 TVXQ[note 2] "'O'-Jung.Ban.Hap."
9th 2007 Big Bang "Lies" SeeYa "Love Greeting" Clazziquai "Lover Boy"
10th 2008 Big Bang "Haru Haru" Wonder Girls "Nobody"
11th 2009 2PM "Again & Again" Brown Eyed Girls "Abracadabra" 8Eight "Without a Heart"
12th 2010 2PM "I'll Be Back" 2NE1 "Can't Nobody"
13th 2011 Super Junior[21] "Mr. Simple" Girls' Generation "The Boys"
14th 2012 Big Bang[22] "Fantastic Baby" Sistar[22] "Alone"
15th 2013 Infinite "Man In Love" Girls' Generation "I Got a Boy"

Best New Male/Female Solo[edit]

Bout Year Male Artist Song Female Artist Song
1st 1999 Lee Jung-hyun[note 3] "Come"
2nd 2000 Choi Jin-young (SKY) "Forever" BoA "ID; Peace B"
3rd 2001 Sung Si-kyung "Like the First Time" Wax "Oppa"
4th 2002 Rain "Bad Guy" Youme "Love Is Always Thirsty"
5th 2003 Seven "Come Back to Me" Maya "Azalea"
6th 2004 Lee Seung-gi "Because You're My Girl" Chunja "Women with Beautiful Mind"
7th 2005 Lim Jeong-hee "Music is My Life"
8th 2006 Zhang Liyin "Timeless" (ft. Xiah Junsu)
9th 2007 Younha "Password 486"
13th 2011 Huh Gak "Hello"
14th 2012 Ailee[22] "Heaven"
15th 2013 Roy Kim "Love Love Love"

Best New Male/Female Group[edit]

Bout Year Male Artist Song Female Artist Song
1st 1999 Team[note 4] "Farewell"
2nd 2000 Chakra[note 4] "Han"
3rd 2001 Brown Eyes[note 4] "Already One Year"
4th 2002 Black Beat[note 4] "In The Sky"
5th 2003 Big Mama[note 4] "Break Away"
6th 2004 TVXQ[note 4] "Hug"
7th 2005 SS501[note 4] "Warning"
8th 2006 Super Junior[25] "U"
9th 2007 FT Island "Love Sick" Wonder Girls "Irony"
10th 2008 Shinee "Replay" Davichi "I Love You Even Though I Hate You"
11th 2009 Supreme Team "Supermagic" 2NE1 "I Don't Care"
12th 2010 CNBLUE "I'm a Loner" Miss A "Bad Girl Good Girl"
13th 2011 A Pink "I Don't Know"
14th 2012 Busker Busker[22] "Cherry Blossom Ending"
15th 2013 Crayon Pop "Bar Bar Bar"

Global award[edit]

Best Global Group – Male/Female[edit]

Bout Year Male Group Song Female Group Song
14th 2012 Super Junior[22] "Sexy, Free & Single" Kara[22] "Pandora"

Next Generation Global Star – Male/Female[edit]

Bout Year Male Song Female Song
15th 2013 EXO Growl A Pink "NoNoNo"

Genre-specific awards[edit]


Bout Year Male Solo Song Female Solo Song Male Group Song Female Group Song
1st 1999 Lee Jung-hyun "Come"
2nd 2000 Clon "Choryeon"
3rd 2001 Yoo Seungjun "Wow"
4th 2002 BoA "No. 1"
5th 2003 BoA "Atlantis Princess"
6th 2004 Shinhwa "Brand New"
7th 2005 M "Bump"
8th 2006 SS501 "Snow Prince"
9th 2007 The Grace "One More Time, OK?"
10th 2008 Lee Hyori "U-Go-Girl"
11th 2009 Kara "Honey"
12th 2010 Rain "Love Song" 2PM "I'll Be Back" Miss A "Bad Girl Good Girl"
13th 2011 Hyuna "Bubble Pop!" Beast "Fiction" Miss A "Good-bye Baby"
14th 2012 Psy[22] "Gangnam Style" Shinee[22] "Sherlock" f(x)[22] "Electric Shock"
15th 2013 G-Dragon "Crooked" CL "The Baddest Female" Shinee "Dream Girl" Sistar "Give It To Me"


Bout Year Male Solo Song Female Solo Song Group Song
12th 2010 Gummy "Because You're a Man" 2AM "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"
13th 2011 IU "Good Day" 2NE1 "Lonely"
14th 2012 K.Will[22] "I Need You" Davichi[22] "Will Think of You"
15th 2013 Lee Seung-gi "Return" Ailee "U&I"


This award was introduced at the 12th annual award ceremony. The title of this award is "Best Band Performance".

Bout Year Artist Song
12th 2010 Hot Potato "Confession"
13th 2011 CNBLUE[26][27] "Intuition"
14th 2012 Busker Busker[22] "Cherry Blossom Ending"
15th 2013 Busker Busker "Love, At First"

Rap/Hip hop[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 Honey Family[note 5] "Man's Story – My Way"
2nd 2000 DJ DOC[note 5] "D.O.C Blues"
3rd 2001 Drunken Tiger[note 5] "Good Life"
4th 2002 Leessang[note 5] "Rush" (ft. Jung-in)
5th 2003 Kim Jin-pyo[note 5] "With a Dogged Spirit"
6th 2004 Jo PD[note 5] "Friend" (ft. In Sooni)
7th 2005 Epik High[note 5] "Fly" (ft. Amin. J)
8th 2006 MC Mong[note 5] "Ice Cream"
9th 2007 Epik High[note 5] "Fan"
10th 2008 Epik High[note 5] "One" (ft. Ji Sun)
11th 2009 Leessang[note 5] "Can't Breakup Girl, Can't Breakaway Boy"(ft. Jung-in)
12th 2010 DJ DOC[note 6] "I'm This Kind of Person"
13th 2011 Leessang[note 6] "Turned Off the TV" (ft. Yoon Mirae, Kwon Jung Yeol)
14th 2012 Epik High[22] "UP" (ft. Park Bom)
15th 2013 Dynamic Duo "BAAAM" (ft. Muzie of UV)


Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 Jaurim "낙화"
2nd 2000 Seo Taiji "Ultramania"
3rd 2001 Jaurim "파애"
4th 2002 YB "Love Two"
5th 2003 Cherry Filter "Flying Duck"
6th 2004 Seo Taiji "Live Wire"
7th 2005 Buzz "Coward"
8th 2006 Buzz "You Don't Know Man"
9th 2007 Cherry Filter "Feel It"
10th 2008 Nell "기억을 걷는 시간"
11th 2009 Boohwal "생각이 나"


Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 Jo Sungmo "For Your Soul"
2nd 2000 Jo Sungmo "Do You Know"
3rd 2001 Kim Gun-mo "I'm Sorry"
4th 2002 Lee Soo-young "Lalala"
5th 2003 Jo Sungmo "Piano"
6th 2004 Shin Seung-hun "When That Day Comes"
7th 2005 Shin Hye-sung "Same Thought"
8th 2006 Lee Seung-gi "Hard to Say"
9th 2007 Yangpa "Love... What Is It"
10th 2008 Brown Eyes[note 7] "Don't Go Don't Go"
11th 2009 Kim Tae-woo[note 7] "Love Rain"


Bout Year Artist Song
2nd 2000 Jinju "Are You Going"
3rd 2001 Park Jin-young "I Have a Girlfriend"
4th 2002 Lena Park "In Dreams"
5th 2003 Fly To The Sky "Missing You"
6th 2004 Wheesung "Incurable Illness"
7th 2005 Wheesung "Goodbye Luv"
8th 2006 Fly To The Sky "Like a Man"
9th 2007 SG Wannabe[note 8][28] "Arirang"


Bout Year Artist Song
1st 1999 No Brain "청춘 98"
2nd 2000 Crying Nut "Circus Magic"
3rd 2001 Crying Nut "Deep in the Night"
4th 2002 Trans Fixion "Come Back to Me"

House & electronic[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
9th 2007 Clazziquai "Lover Boy"
10th 2008 Jewelry "One More Time"
11th 2009 Brown Eyed Girls "Abracadabra"


Bout Year Artist Song
11th 2009 Hong Jin-young "Love's Battery"

Special awards[edit]

Best Collaboration[edit]

This award was introduced at the 12th annual award ceremony. The title of this award is "Best Collaboration".

Bout Year Artist Song
12th 2010 Ga-in & Jo Kwon "We Fell in Love"
14th 2012 Hyuna & Hyun-seung[22] "Trouble Maker"

Best Digital single[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
7th 2005 MC Mong[29] "Invincible"
8th 2006 SG Wannabe[note 9] "Partner for Life"
10th 2008 Big Bang[note 10] "Haru Haru"
11th 2009 Baek Ji-young[note 10] "Like Being Hit by a Bullet"
12th 2010 Park Bom "You and I"

Best OST[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song Drama
6th 2004 Jo Sungmo "By Your Side" Lovers in Paris
7th 2005 Clazziquai "She Is" My Lovely Sam Soon
11th 2008 Kim Taeyeon "If" East of Eden
12th 2009 SS501 "Because I'm Stupid" Boys Over Flower
13th 2011 Baek Ji-young "That Woman" Secret Garden
14th 2012 Seo In-guk & Jung Eun-ji[22] "All For You" Reply 1997
15th 2013 Yoon Mi-rae "Touch Love" Master's Sun

Style in Music[edit]

Bout Year Artist
13th 2011 Seo In-young
14th 2012 Ga-in
15th 2013 Sistar

Discovery of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Artist
10th 2008 Galaxy Express
12th 2010 10 cm
15th 2013 Baechigi

Music video awards[edit]

Best Music Video award[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
8th 2006 Psy "Entertainer"
9th 2007 Dynamic Duo "출첵"
10th 2008 Wonder Girls "Nobody"
11th 2009 2NE1 "Fire"
12th 2010 2NE1 "Can't Nobody"
13th 2011 Big Bang "Love Song"
14th 2012 Psy[22] "Gangnam Style"
15th 2013 G-Dragon "Coup D'Etat"

Music Video Acting award[edit]

Bout Year Actor Song Actress Song
7th 2005 Ryoo Seung-bum "I'm Not Laughing" M/V by Leessang
8th 2006 Lee Joon-gi "Grace" M/V by Lee Soo-young Kim Ji-soo "That Man That Woman" M/V by Vibe
9th 2007 Jung Il-woo "오죽했으면" M/V by Goodbye Sadness 구정현
Baek Sung-hyun

Music Video Director award[edit]

Bout Year Recipient Song
1st 1999 Hong Jong-ho "I Yah!"
4th 2002 Cha Eun-taek "If We Can Part Even Though We Love"
7th 2005 Seo Hyun-seung "Goodbye Luv", "Wipe My Tears and Put On Makeup", etc.
10th 2008 Jang Jae-hyuk "Nobody", "10 Out of 10", etc.
11th 2009 Hong Won-gi "Juliet", "Morning Snow", etc.
12th 2010 Seo Hyun-seung "Can't Nobody" & "Clap Your Hands"

Popularity awards[edit]

Mobile Popularity award[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
4th 2002 Jang Na-ra "Sweet Dream"
5th 2003 Rain "How to Avoid the Sun"
6th 2004 Gummy "Memory Loss"
7th 2005 TVXQ[note 11] "Rising Sun"
8th 2006 TVXQ[note 11] "'O'-Jung.Ban.Hap."
9th 2007 Super Junior[24] "Don't Don"
10th 2008 TVXQ "Mirotic"
11th 2009 Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry"

Netizen Popularity award[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
4th 2002 Moon Hee-joon "아낌없이 주는 나무"
5th 2003 Shinhwa "Your Wedding"
7th 2005 Moon Hee-joon[note 12] "기억이란 작은 마을"
8th 2006 Shinhwa[note 13] "Once in a Lifetime"
9th 2007 Super Junior[24] "Don't Don"
10th 2008 TVXQ[note 14] "Mirotic"

International awards[edit]

Overseas Viewer's award[edit]

In 2007, M and Shin Hye Sung, both members of Shinhwa left the MKMF event right before broadcasting.[30]

Bout Year Artist Song
6th 2004 Shinhwa "Brand New"
7th 2005 Kangta "Mask"
8th 2006 Shinhwa
9th 2007 Shinhwa
10th 2008 TVXQ "Mirotic"
11th 2009 Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry"

Asia New Artist award[edit]

Bout Year Artist
10th 2008 Khalil Fong
12th 2010 i Me
13th 2011 Aziatix
14th 2012 Exo[22]

International Artist award[edit]

Bout Year Artist
1st 1999 Ricky Martin
3rd 2001 N'Sync
4th 2002 Eminem
5th 2003 Linkin Park
6th 2004 Usher
7th 2005 The Black Eyed Peas
8th 2006 The Pussycat Dolls
11th 2009 The Pussycat Dolls
12th 2010 Far East Movement
14th 2012 Psy
15th 2013 Ylvis

Music producer awards[edit]

Lyricist award[edit]

Bout Year Lyricist Song
10th 2008 Kim Dong-ryul "Let's Start Again"
11th 2009 Park Seon-ju "Love Him" by Bobby Kim

Composer award[edit]

Bout Year Composer Song
10th 2008 Kim Jong-wan (Nell) "기억을 걷는 시간"
11th 2009 Teddy "Fire" & " I Don't Care"

Arrangement award[edit]

Bout Year Arranger Song
10th 2008 Tablo "One"
11th 2009 Shinsadong Tiger "Muzik"

Choice awards[edit]

Judges' Choice award[edit]

Bout Year Artist Song
2nd 2000 Tae Jin-ah "사랑은 아무나 하나"
3rd 2001 No Brain[note 15] 해변으로 가요
4th 2002 Shin Seung-hun[note 15] 사랑해도 헤어질 수 있다면...
6th 2004 Kim Yoon-ah 야상곡
7th 2005 Jo PD 나의 옛날 이야기

Mnet PD's Choice award[edit]

Bout Year Artist
6th 2004 Deuce
7th 2005 S.E.S
10th 2008 Shin Seung-hun
13th 2011 YB
14th 2012 B.A.P[22]

Performer Awards[edit]

World Wide Performer[edit]

Bout Year Award Title Artist(s)
14th 2012 Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Big Bang
15th 2013 Sony MDR World Wide Performer Infinite

Concert Performer[edit]

Bout Year Award Title Artist(s)
15th 2013 Best Concert Performer Lee Seung-chul

Other awards[edit]

Bout Year Award Title Artist(s)
1st 1999 Director Award H.O.T.
2nd 2000 Japan Viewer's Choice Award Click-B
3rd 2001 Asian Viewer's Request Award NRG
4th 2002 뮤직비디오 파이오니아상 Lee Seung-hwan
6th 2004 Blue Award Moon Hee-joon
6th 2004 Best Asia Pop Artist Award F4
6th 2004 Best Asia Rock Artist Award Gackt
6th 2004 Best Asia Hip Hop Artist Award M-Flo
7th 2005 Filming Award Park Sung-il
7th 2005 Editing Award Song Geol
7th 2005 Special Effects Award X NINE
7th 2005 기획상 Samsung Anycall
7th 2005 Best Video Performer Award Psy
8th 2006 Award TVXQ
8th 2006 Best Asia Rock Artist Award W-inds
9th 2007 Award F.T. Island
9th 2007 MKMF Tribute Award In Sooni
10th 2008 10th Year Anniversary Remember Award H.O.T
10th 2008 Auction Style Award TVXQ
10th 2008 Mnet Music Portal Award Big Bang
11th 2009 Hall of Fame Award Shim Soo-bong
11th 2009 Best Asia Star Award TVXQ
11th 2009 World Best Performance Award Lady Gaga
11th 2009 Asia Recommended Award (Japan) AKB48
11th 2009 Asia Recommended Award (China) Lollipop
11th 2009 CGV Popularity Award Super Junior
11th 2009 Mnet Music Portal Award 2NE1
11th 2009 Best Asian Songwriter Award Park Jin-young
12th 2010 The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award 2PM
12th 2010 Best Asian Artist Award Zhang Jie
12th 2010 Best Asian Male Group Award Chemistry
12th 2010 Best Asia Pop Award Perfume
12th 2010 Producer Award Psy
12th 2010 Choreographer Award Kim Hwa-young
12th 2010 Style Award Yang Seung-ho
12th 2010 Performance Award Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010
12th 2010 Adult Music Award Tae Jin-ah
13th 2011 Singapore's Choice Award Super Junior[21]
13th 2011 Hottest Asian Artist Award Koda Kumi
13th 2011 Best New Asian Solo Artist Vision Wei Chen
13th 2011 Best Asian Artist Jane Zhang
14th 2012 Best Asian Artist Award Leehom Wang, My Tam, AKB48, Taufik Batisah, Li Yuchun, Sarah Geronimo, Agnes Monica
14th 2012 Best New Artist TimeZ, Natthew
14th 2012 TVB Choice Award Joey Yung
14th 2012 Best LINE Award Super Junior
15th 2013 Red Carpet Special Prize Lee Jung-hyun
15th 2013 Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award Stevie Wonder
15th 2013 Best Asian Artist Award Derrick Hoh (Singapore), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Japan), Aaron Kwok (China), Thu Minh (Vietnam), ToR+ Saksit (Thailand), SM*SH (Indonesia)

Most winners[edit]

The current holders who have won the most awards are Super Junior with 16 awards, 3 of them being grand awards and after TVXQ with 14. They are followed by 2NE1 with 13 awards, 4 of them being grand awards. Then Shinhwa, Big Bang, G-Dragon with 8 awards, thereafter Psy and BoA with 7 awards.

Total awards Artist
16 Super Junior
13 2NE1
12 Shinhwa
Big Bang
8 G-Dragon
7 Psy
4 2PM
Lee Seung-gi
3 Girls' Generation


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