Yun Jeung

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Yun.
Yun Jeung's Posthumous Appointment
Yun Jeung
Hangul 윤증
Hanja 尹拯
Revised Romanization Yun Jeung
McCune–Reischauer Yun Chǔng

Yun Jeung (Korean:윤증, 1629–1714) was a Korean Neo Confucian scholar and Politicians from the Papyeong Yun clan during the late period of the Joseon Dynasty. founder and first header of Soron, his family had high official positions in generation,[1][2] great-grandson of Seong Hon.

a politicians of Korean Joseon Dynastys and member of Westners and Soron party's first Leader. his penname was Myungjae, Yubong.

Work book[edit]

  • Myungjaeyugo(명재유고, 明齋遺顧)
  • Myungjaeuiryemundap(명재의례문답, 明齋疑禮問答)
  • Myungjaeyuseo(명재유서)

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