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Brampton zum logo.png
Brampton Zum 1074b.JPG
Parent Brampton Transit
Founded September 20, 2010
Service area Brampton, York Region, and Mississauga
Service type bus rapid transit
Routes 4
Operator Brampton Transit
Website About Züm
In the earlier stages of Brampton's rapid transit planning, the initiative was known as Acceleride (logo pictured).

Züm (pronounced Zoom, IPA: /zuːm/) is a bus rapid transit system for the suburban city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, northwest of Toronto owned and operated by Brampton Transit. The first phase calls for three corridors operating in mixed traffic, similar to York Region Transit's (YRT) Viva network. There are connections to the City of Mississauga, York Region, and the City of Toronto, with the first corridor having started service in fall 2010.[1] Phase 1 is expected to be fully operational by fall 2012. A key aspect of the Züm plan is increased service on supporting local corridors.[1] Unlike other, similar, services and partly due to Brampton's geographic position farther from Toronto than other suburbs such as Mississauga or Vaughan, many Züm corridors will overlap significantly with other agencies' services, requiring more complex, co-operative planning between neighbouring cities. During the planning of this bus rapid transit system, Züm was called "Acceleride".


Summary of routes:

Corridor Opening Date Terminus Stations # Running time (mins)* Route length (km) Status Connecting Services
Queen September 20, 2010 Downtown Brampton York University YRT Terminal 17 (20 by Phase 2) 54 (501)
47 (501A)
28.5 (501)
29.8 (501A)
Full Service YRT, TTC, GO, Viva Purple, Viva Orange
Main September 6, 2011 [2] Sandalwood Parkway Loop Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal 18 (20 by Phase 2) (7+ Post-LRT) 45 - 50 [3] Full Service Brampton Transit, MiWay, GO
Steeles November 26, 2012 Brampton Gateway Terminal Humber College North Campus 11 (20 by Phase 2) 31 - 36 Full Service Brampton Transit, MiWay, TTC, YRT, GO
Bovaird September 2, 2014 Mt. Pleasant GO Airport Loop 13 Full Service Brampton Transit

Phase 1 calls for three express corridors to improve service on some of Brampton's busiest routes.

Some stops and routes are located outside of Brampton, namely Mississauga, Toronto and Vaughan. Once the Queen route leaves Brampton and enters Vaughan, the bus schedule alternates between express (along Highway 407) with no stops until York University, or regular (along York Regional Road 7) with stops at all stations that are on the York Region Transit Viva Orange route. Brampton Transit has a fare partnership agreement with York Region Transit that allows for boarding and debarking anywhere along the Viva Orange route, using Züm buses. This was particularly convenient during a labour dispute involving select contracted companies at York Region Transit resulting in the temporary suspension of Viva Orange.[4]


Brampton zum logo.png
Züm Queen Dixie NW.jpg
Typical station stop: Westbound on the north side of Queen Street, just west of Dixie Road
System Züm
Vehicle New Flyer Industries Xcelsior
Start Downtown Brampton Terminal
Via Queen Street
End York University
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The first corridor, which began service on September 20, 2010, runs between the Downtown Brampton Terminal in the west to its easterly terminus at York University in the City of Toronto. Routes 501 and 501A operate east along Queen Street in Brampton. Route 501 (full service, every 15 minutes peak, every 20 minutes off-peak , and 30 minutes on weekends) continues along Highway 7 through the City of Vaughan and then south on Jane Street to York University. Route 501A runs express through Vaughan to York University via Highway 407 during peak periods. This covers the eastern segment of existing Route 1, and replaces Brampton's portion of the former Route 77 and Route 77A to York University, and the temporary Route 177/177A Highway 7 Express. Route 501 stops at all York Region Transit Viva Orange stops in Vaughan; running at the same frequency as Viva Orange, it covers its entire route except for the segment between York University and Downsview Subway Station that is primarily served by TTC express route 196 every 2–15 minutes. Route 501A replaces and expands the 77A express branch via Highways 427 and 407. During rush hours it runs at 15 minute intervals, providing a combined 7.5 minute service between Highway 427 and Downtown Brampton, and limited midday service on Route 501A was introduced in September 2011. Route 1 continues to operate, providing local service between Chinguacousy Road and Highway 50; however, service on that route has been reduced to a 10-minute frequency during rush hours, and 20-minute frequency at other times of the day.



Brampton zum logo.png
System Züm
Vehicle New Flyer Industries Xcelsior
Start Sandalwood
Via Main Street
End Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal (Square One)
501 ←   → 511
For the proposed light rail, see Hurontario-Main Street LRT.

The second corridor, which began service on September 6, 2011, runs from Sandalwood Parkway in the city's north end to MiWay's City Centre terminal near the Square One shopping centre in the south, via the Downtown Brampton and Brampton Gateway terminals along Main and Hurontario Streets through Brampton and Mississauga.[1] It covers the route of current route 2, which has frequent rush-hour service. Route 502 extends and replace MiWay's route 102 InterCity Express. It runs every 10 minutes during rush hours and 20 minutes off-peak hours, including weekends. Route 2's rush hour frequency was reduced to 20 minutes to optimize ridership.

A large portion of this route overlaps Mississauga's Hurontario Street corridor. Mississauga Transit provides frequent local and express services on this corridor south of Steeles Avenue, with the section between Eglinton and Britannia being served with 3-minute frequencies.

Hurontario/Main Street from Port Credit to Queen Street would eventually be converted to an LRT system.[5] The leftover of the eventual Route 502 (north of Brampton GO Station) will remain and possibly extended to Highway 410 in the north. As a preparation, both MiWay Route 103 and Züm Main overlap express service between Shoppers World Brampton and Eglinton Avenue.



Brampton zum logo.png
System Züm
Vehicle New Flyer Industries Xcelsior
Start Brampton Gateway Terminal
Via Steeles Avenue
End Humber College
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The final corridor outlined in Phase 1 is expected in service as of November 26, 2012. It will run from the Brampton Gateway Terminal at Steeles Avenue and Hurontario Street to Humber College North Campus at Finch Avenue West and Highway 27 in Toronto [1] with connections to the planned Finch West LRT line and various express bus services, via Bramalea GO Train Station. Though largely industrial through Brampton, Steeles Avenue sees extremely frequent bus service every six minutes on current route 11. This is the only planned corridor that operates almost entirely within Brampton city limits.



Brampton zum logo.png
System Züm
Vehicle New Flyer Industries Xcelsior
Start Mount Pleasant GO Station
Via Bouvaird Drive
End Airport
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This route began service on September 2, 2014.


  • Mount Pleasant GO (Pleasant Road and west of Creditview Road)
  • Worthington Avenue and Bovaird Drive West
  • Chinguacousy Road and Bovaird Drive West
  • McLaughlin Road and Bovaird Drive West
  • Hurontario Street and Bovaird Drive
  • Kennedy Road and Bovaird Drive East
  • Heart Lake Road and Bovaird Drive East
  • Great Lakes Drive/Nasmith Street and Bovaird Drive East
  • Dixie Road and Bovaird Drive East
  • Fernforest Drive and Bovaird Drive East
  • Bramalea Road and Bovaird Drive East (beside Brampton Civic Hospital)
  • Torbram Road and Bovaird Drive East
  • Airport Road and Bovaird Drive East (Airport Loop)


Züm Terminal on York University campus

These are intermodal points that allow transfers to other modes such as Brampton Transit, Mississauga Transit, GO Transit, Toronto Transit Commission.

  • Airport Loop – Bovaird Corridor (2014)
  • Bramalea GO – Steeles Corridor (2012)
  • Brampton City Centre – Queen Corridor (2010)
  • Chinguacousy – Queen Street Corridor (2014)
  • Downtown – Queen Corridor (2010)
  • Humber College (Toronto) – Steeles Corridor (2012)
  • Hurontario-407 – Main Corridor (late 2012 and beyond)
  • Lisgar GO (Mississauga) – Steeles Corridor (late 2012 and beyond)
  • Mount Pleasant GO – Bovaird Corridor (2014)
  • Sandalwood Loop – Main Corridor (2011)
  • Shoppers World – Main Corridor (2011)
  • Square One (Mississauga Transit Centre) – Main Corridor (2012)
  • York University (Toronto) – Queen Corridor (2010)


In phase 2, the existing routes will be extended to the west. Beyond Phase 2, the agency plans to look into exclusive busways.[6]


In preparation for the launch of Route 501 (Queen Street), Brampton Transit re-built its Bramalea City Centre terminal, relocating it from its previous location beside Clark Boulevard, on the south side of the shopping centre, to the north-east corner, adjacent to Queen Street. Minor renovations will also be performed at the downtown terminal.

In preparation for the launch of its Steeles Avenue route, Brampton Transit will also relocate the Shoppers' World terminal, near Hurontario and Steeles, to be closer to Hurontario/Main Street.

Züm will use Brampton's downtown, Bramalea Centre, and Shoppers' World terminals, in addition to Mississauga's City Centre terminal, and Toronto's York University Commons terminal.


With York Region's Viva as a precedent, Züm buses shares the same fare structure as the conventional Brampton Transit system. Further partnership between the two agencies permits YRT customers to board Züm buses within York Region and pay standard YRT fares.

The Presto card fare payment system has been active on Züm since 2011.


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Make/Model Description Fleet Nos Image
New Flyer Industries Xcelsior XDE40 BRT 1050–1074, 1150–1165, 1250-1251
(43 vehicles)
Brampton Transit Zum Zum.JPG
New Flyer Industries Xcelsior XDE60 BRT 1275-1294 1475-1484
(30 vehicles)
Brampton Transit 1478.jpg

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