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Coordinates: 49°03′N 28°06′E / 49.050°N 28.100°E / 49.050; 28.100

Flag of Zhmerynka
Coat of arms of Zhmerynka
Coat of arms
Country Ukraine
Oblast Vinnytsia
First mentioned 18th century
 • Total 18.26 km2 (7.05 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 40,300

Zhmerynka (Ukrainian: Жмеринка, Ukrainian pronunciation: [ˈʒmɛrɪŋkɑ]; Russian: Жмеринка, translit. Zhmerinka, Polish: Żmerynka) is a city in Vinnytsia Oblast (province) of central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Zhmerynka Raion (district), the town itself is not a part of the district and is separately incorporated as a city of oblast significance. It is located at around 49°03′N 28°06′E / 49.050°N 28.100°E / 49.050; 28.100. Population: 35,390 (2013 population estimate)[1].

Zhmerynka's first mention in recorded history was in the 17th century. Since incorporating as a town in 1903, it has become an important transportation centre in the area.

Sister cities[edit]

Zhmerynka is twinned with:


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