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Koziatyn (Ukrainian: Козятин; also referred to as Kozyatyn) is a town in the Vinnytsia Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Koziatyn Raion (district), the town itself is not a part of the district and is separately incorporated as the town of oblast significance, and is located 75 km (46.60 mi) from oblast capital, Vinnytsia, at around 49°43′00″N 28°50′00″E / 49.71667°N 28.83333°E / 49.71667; 28.83333 (approximately 150 km (93.21 mi) from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine). It lies on the banks of the Huyva River. Population: 24,247 (2013 est.)[1].


The city was founded at the time of construction of Kyiv-Baltic railway. Koziatyn became a town of the Berdychiv district on July 7, 1874. In April 1920, during the Polish-Bolshevik War, the town was captured by Polish forces in what became known as the Raid on Koziatyn. In 1923 Koziatyn became the district center of Berdychev okrug. A few years later, the district was included in the Vinnitsa Oblast.

Economic details[edit]

A total of 13 railways, 5 industrial, and more than 150 private enterprises build up Koziatyn's vivid economy. The reason behind the abundant economic growth is town's unique location on an intersection of major railways. The railroad business accounts for 90% of town's budget income. The food industry is another important source of income. The city council started the City Economic Development project in October 2003 in cooperation with the "Ukraine-USA" foundation.

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