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Veveriet (DFU[disambiguation needed]) is a former woollen mill now owned by Gjesdal municipality and used as a library and a cultural center.
Ålgård Station, a former railway station for Ålgårdbanen.
Ålgård Church was built in 1917. The architect was Ole Stein

Ålgård is an area functioning as the administrative centre for the Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland, Norway, in the Jæren region. It is 10 km southeast of Sandnes. The area consists of Ålgård, Bærland, Fiskebekk, Opstad and Solås with a combined population of about 9144 (SSB, 2009).

Ålgård is mostly known for the Kongeparken amusement park, an old woollen mill, and a local football team (Ålgård F.K.) playing in the Norwegian Second Division.

Notable People[edit]

Håvard Rugland, Professional American Football Kicker and is in the viral YouTube video "Kickalicious"

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Coordinates: 58°45′53.38″N 5°51′19.74″E / 58.7648278°N 5.8554833°E / 58.7648278; 5.8554833