České Středohoří

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Central Bohemian Uplands
České středohoří
Milešovka (left) and Kletečná as seen from Lovoš
Highest point
Peak Milešovka
Elevation 837 m (2,746 ft)
Coordinates 50°33′19″N 13°55′54″E / 50.555233°N 13.931533°E / 50.555233; 13.931533
Area 1,266 km2 (489 sq mi)
České Středohoří is located in Czech Republic
České Středohoří
Location of the České Středohoří in the Czech Republic
Country Czech Republic
States/Provinces Ústí nad Labem and Liberec
Range coordinates 50°34′N 14°56′E / 50.567°N 14.933°E / 50.567; 14.933Coordinates: 50°34′N 14°56′E / 50.567°N 14.933°E / 50.567; 14.933
Parent range Krušné Hory Subprovince
Type of rock basalt

The České středohoří, Central Bohemian Uplands[1] or Central Bohemian Highlands[2] is a mountain range located in northern Bohemia, the Czech Republic. The range is about 80 km long, spanning from Česká Lípa (northeast) to Louny (southwest) and from Litoměřice (south) to Děčín (north), intersected by the river Elbe. The mountains are of volcanic origin, with distinctively sharp solitary peaks.

České středohoří is a nature reserve (Czech: Chráněná krajinná oblast (abbr. CHKO), and the D8 motorway connecting Prague and Dresden traverses the mountains. This led to a number of controversies, but despite them the motorway was after many delays finally completed in December 2016.

In the development of the game ARMA 2 data of this area was used to create the landscape for the game.[citation needed]


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