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İbrahim Halil Baran (born 1981 in Tionek) is a Kurdish poet,[1] writer and designer.


He completed his primary education in Suruc and the secondary, in Şanlıurfa. In 2003, he graduated from Dicle University, Faculty of Education. Department of Turkish Teaching, in Diyarbakır. For a period of time, he studied in the master's degree program of Turkish literature at Bilkent University. He is still working as a Turkish teacher in a private institute.

Baran, who started his writing story by publishing the journal named Son Kalem while he was at primary school, took part in reviews such as E, Son Kisot, Duzyazi Defteri, Seyir and Yom Sanat with his writings and poems. In 2002, his first poem book Esmer Tenli Irmak Dusleri (Sî, Istanbul) was published. His poems have been translated into various languages and took places in some of international anthologies. His second poem book, Sular Divani, met his readers in April, 2005 (Yom, Istanbul).

The creator of design marks such as ihb and iwi, and also known with design works, İbrahim Halil Baran, took part in the publishment of various reviews of culture and literature, and assumed the task of editoring of the review Yom Sanat for a long period of time. He worked as visual editor in various publishing houses. Baran, who is one of the founders of Yom Publishing, carries his works as editor and art director in the same publishing house.


whenever i look at this city’s lights

i remember you


when I remember you


i look to this city’s lights…

they never went out, this city’s lights…

Translated by George Messo


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