1343 Naples tsunami

Coordinates: 40°44′7″N 14°16′31″E / 40.73528°N 14.27528°E / 40.73528; 14.27528
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1343 earthquake
Local date25 November 1343 (1343-11-25)
EpicenterTyrrhenian Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea.

The 1343 tsunami struck the Tyrrhenian Sea and Bay of Naples on 25 November 1343. Underground shocks were felt in Naples and caused significant damage and loss of lives.[1] Of major note was a paleotsunami created by the earthquake which destroyed many ships in Naples and destroyed many ports along the Amalfi Coast including Amalfi itself. The effects of the tsunami were observed by the poet Petrarch, whose ship was forced to return to port, and recorded in the fifth book of his Epistolae familiares.[2] A 2019 study attributes the event to a massive submarine landslide (possibly greater than 1 km3), caused by flank collapse of the Stromboli volcano.[3]

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40°44′7″N 14°16′31″E / 40.73528°N 14.27528°E / 40.73528; 14.27528