1750 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents a list of the historical events and publications of literature during 1750.


New fiction[edit]

  • Anonymous
    • The Adventures of Mr. Loveill, interspers'd with many real amours of the modern polite world
    • The Nominal Husband, or, Distress'd Innocence
    • Revived Fugitive: a novel, translated from the French
  • Henry Brooke - A New Collection of Fairy Tales
  • John Cleland - Fanny Hill (official and expurgated)
  • Sarah Fielding (attr.) - The History of Charlotte Summers
  • Edward Kimber - The Life and Adventures of Joe Thompson
  • Charlotte Lennox - The Life of Harriot Stuart
  • Robert Paltock - The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins
  • Sarah Scott - The History of Cornelia

New drama[edit]






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