1905 Arkansas Cardinals football team

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1905 Arkansas Cardinals football
Conference Independent
1905 record 2–6
Head coach Ancil D. Brown (2nd year)
Home stadium The Hill
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The 1905 Arkansas Cardinals football team represented the University of Arkansas during the 1905 college football season. In their second and final season under head coach Ancil D. Brown, the Razorbacks compiled a 2–6 record and were outscored by their opponents by a combined total of 50 to 32.[1]

At the outset, the University of Arkansas being known as the "Arkansas Cardinals" is in all likelihood a misnomer. The "cardinal" referred to the color cardinal and not the red bird. Moreover, as early as the first game of the 1905 season, news media reports specifically refer to the University of Arkansas football team as the "Razorbacks", pre-dating the University of Arkansas' official statement regarding how the University of Arkansas became the Razorbacks.[2] [3] [4]


Date Opponent Site Result
October 7, 1905 Kansas The Hill • Fayetteville, AR L 0–6  
October 14, 1905 at Washington (Missouri) St. Louis, MO L 0–6  
October 14, 1905 at Drury College Springfield, MO L 0–12  
October 26, 1905 Chilocco Indian School The Hill • Fayetteville, AR W 6–0  
October 31, 1905 Texas The Hill • Fayetteville, AR L 0–4  
November 12, 1905 Transylvania The Hill • Fayetteville, AR L 0–6  
November 17, 1905 at Missouri Rolla Rolla, Missouri L 0–16  
November 30, 1905 Kansas City Medical The Hill • Fayetteville, AR W 26–0  


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