1941 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final

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1941 All-Ireland Senior Football Final
Event1941 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Date7 September 1941
VenueCroke Park, Dublin

The 1941 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final was the 54th All-Ireland Final and the deciding match of the 1941 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, an inter-county Gaelic football tournament for the top teams in Ireland.

Kerry completed a three-in-a-row with a goal by Tom "Gega" O'Connor. The attendance was affected by restrictions under "The Emergency", with a thousand fans travelling by peat-fueled train, and two Kerrymen cycling a tandem bicycle from Killarney to Dublin.[1]

It was the second of three All-Ireland football titles won by Kerry in the 1940s.[2]

It was also the second of three consecutive All-Ireland football finals lost by Galway.[3]


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