1948 Coupe de France Final

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The 1948 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes on May 10, 1948, that saw Lille OSC defeat RC Lens 3–2 thanks to goals by Roger Vandooren and Jean Baratte (2).

Match details[edit]

May 10, 1948
Lille OSC 3–2 RC Lens
Vandooren Goal 23'
Baratte Goal 52' Goal 86'
Stanis Goal 39' Goal 77'
GK ' France Félix Witkowski
DF ' France Joseph Jadrejak
DF ' France Marceau Sommerlynck
DF ' France Albert Dubreucq
DF ' France Jean-Marie Prevost
MF ' France Jules Bigot (c)
MF ' France Roger Vandooren
FW ' FrancePoland Bolek Tempowski
FW ' France Jean Baratte
FW ' France Roger Carré
FW ' France Jean Lechantre
France André Cheuva

Assistant Referees:
Fourth Official:

GK ' France Georges Duffuler
DF ' France René Gouillard
DF ' Ellias Mellul
DF ' FranceHungary Ladislas Smid "Siklo"
DF ' Stanislas Golinski
MF ' France Marcel Ourdouillié c)
MF ' France Jean Mankowski
FW ' France Maryan Jedrzeszczak "Marresch"
FW ' FranceGermany Stefan Dembicki "Stanis"
FW ' France Maryan Pachurka
FW ' France Michel Habera
France Nicolas Hisbst

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