1980–81 Greek Cup

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The Greek Cup 1980–81 was the 39th edition of The Greek Football Cup, or Greek Cup for short.

Tournament details[edit]

Totally 58 teams participated, 18 from Alpha Ethniki and 40 from Beta Ethniki. It was held in six rounds, included the final. Concerning the two previous years, two-legged tie would be extended in third round too.

Even if many Alpha Ethniki teams eliminated from the first round, afterwards there were very interesting matches. AEK Athens had the most difficult draws, after they eliminated Panathinaikos and Aris, in order to be eliminated by PAOK with two losses in the semi-finals (second leg became in Chalcis due to punishment).

Olympiacos had to win Panionios during the extra time of second leg in Third Round in order to qualify, while the surprise of season were Panegialios, which qualify to semi-finals, after qualifies against OFI and Doxa Drama, both teams of Alpha Ethniki. They achieved good results in away second legs.

The final was contested by Olympiacos and PAOK, after 7 years and in the same stadium (Nikos Goumas). Olympiacos took the title 3–1, while won The Double after both winning of Alpha Ethniki championship of the season. They would achieve this again in 1999. The match was marked by riots between fans of both teams, one of the first phenomena of hooliganism that were imported in Greece in the beginning of 1980 decade.

It is still characteristic that the footballers of both teams played wearing black brassards, Olympiacos players mourning the victims of tragedy of gate 7, and PAOK players in memory of their coach Gyula Lóránt, who had died at the bench on May 31, 1981.

First round[edit]

Home team Score Away team
Veria 2–1 Apollon Athens
Aris 3–0 Pelopas Kiato
Kavala 1–0 PAS Giannina
Chalkida 1–3 Olympiacos
Apollon Kalamaria 2–2 Pandramaikos
Pandramaikos won 5-3 on penalties
Panetolikos 0–1 Atromitos
Agrotikos Asteras 2–0 Ilisiakos
Acharnaikos 5–1 Proodeftiki
Makedonikos 1–1 Kastoria
Kastoria won 5-3 on penalties
Elassona 4–1 Patras A.F.C.
Korinthos 1–1 Iraklis
Korinthos won 6-5 on penalties
Kallithea 1–0 Naousa
AEK Athens 6–2 Egaleo
Ethnikos Olympiakos Volos 3–1 Vyzas
Panserraikos 1–0 (a.e.t.) Larissa
Irodotos 3–1 Panelefsiniakos
Panegialios 2–0 Almopos Aridea
Niki Volos 1–1 PAOK
PAOK won 5-3 on penalties
Diagoras 1–2 (a.e.t.) OFI
Panarkadikos 2–0 Xanthi
Eordaikos 1–0 (a.e.t.) Panachaiki
Olympiakos Liosia 0–1 Doxa Drama
Panionios 5–0 Panthrakikos
Anagennisi Epanomi 0–1 Trikala
Fostiras 4–0 Olympiakos Loutraki
Ethnikos Piraeus 0–0 Anagennisi Giannitsa
Anagennisi won 4-3 on penalties
Pierikos 1–0 (a.e.t.) Edessaikos
Ethnikos Asteras 2–1 Odysseas Mavrodendri
Rodos 1–2 Panathinaikos

Second round[edit]

Home team Score Away team
Korinthos 3–1 Panarkadikos
Ethnikos Asteras 2–1 Kallithea
Olympiacos 5–0 Pierikos
OFI 3–0 Agrotikos Asteras
Elassona 2–4 Doxa Drama
Eordaikos 1–1 Trikala
Eordaikos won 6-5 on penalties
Ethnikos Olympiakos Volos 2–0 Anagennisi Giannitsa
Panathinaikos 3–0 Panserraikos
Veria 0–2 PAOK
AEK Athens 2–0 Kastoria
Fostiras 0–1 Pandramaikos
Irodotos 0–0 Panegialios
Panegialios won 4-2 on penalties
Aris 5–1 Acharnaikos
Kavala bye
Panionios bye
Atromitos bye

Third round[edit]

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
PAOK 4-2 Ethnikos Olympiakos Volos 2-1 2-1
Aris 2-0 Atromitos 1-0 1-0
Korinthos 2-2 Kavala (3-1 PSO) 2-0 0-2
Pandramaikos 1-2 Doxa Drama 1-2 0-0
Eordaikos 2-4 Ethnikos Asteras 2-2 0-2
Panathinaikos 3-3 AEK Athens (a.g.) 3-2 0-1
Olympiacos 2-0 Panionios 0-0 2-0 (a.e.t.)
Panegialios (a.g.) 1-1 OFI 0-0 1-1


First legs were played on May 13, 1981, while second legs on 27th.

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
AEK Athens 3-2 Aris 2-2 1-0
Kavala 0-2 Olympiacos 0-0 0-2
PAOK 8-2 Ethnikos Asteras 5-0 3-2
Panegialios 3-2 Doxa Drama 0-1 3-1


First legs were played on June 3, 1981. Second legs on the 10th.

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Panegialios 1-6 Olympiacos 0-3 1-3
PAOK 3-0 AEK Athens 1-0 2-0


The 39th Greek Cup Final was played at the Nikos Goumas Stadium, Athens.

Olympiacos 3 – 1 PAOK
Damanakis Goal 18' (o.g.)
Orfanos Goal 61'
Kousoulakis Goal 92'
Damanakis Goal 63'
Attendance: 30,512
Referee: Zlatanos (Thessaloniki)
Greece Nikos Sarganis
Greece Ioannis Kyrastas
Greece Nikos Vamvakoulas
Cyprus Stavros Papadopoulos (c)
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Martin Novoselac
Greece Vangelis Kousoulakis
Greece Kostas Orfanos Substituted off 80'
Greece Takis Nikoloudis Substituted off 69'
Greece Takis Lemonis
GreeceGermany Maik Galakos
Greece Takis Persias
Greece Petros Michos Substituted in 69'
Sweden Thomas Ahlström Substituted in 80'
Poland Kazimierz Górski
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Mladen Furtula
Greece Ioannis Gounaris
Greece Konstantinos Iosifidis
Hungary József Salamon
Greece Thomas Siggas
Greece Ioannis Damanakis
Greece Panagiotis Kermanidis Substituted off 68'
Greece Vasilis Georgopoulos
Brazil Neto Guerino
Greece Giorgos Koudas (c) Substituted off 75'
Greece Georgios Kostikos
Greece Stathis Triantafyllidis Substituted in 68'
Greece Vassilis Vasilakos Substituted in 75'
Greece Aristarchos Fountoukidis


  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Two named substitutes.
  • Maximum of two substitutions.