1981–82 Whitbread Round the World Race

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The 1981–82 Whitbread Round the World Race was the third edition of the around-the-world sailing event Whitbread Round the World Race. On 8 August 1981, 29 boats started out from Southampton for the Whitbread Round the World Race.

The maxi yacht Flyer II was designed by Germán Frers and built at the W. Huisman shipyard in 1981 for skipper Cornelius van Rietschoten. In an unusual feat, she won the race both on line honours and on handicap. Only 20 finished the race out of the 29 that started it.


Leg Start Finish Leg winner elapsed time Leg winner corrected time
1 Southampton, England Cape Town, South Africa Flyer II Kriter IX
2 Cape Town, South Africa Auckland, New Zealand Flyer II Ceramco NZ
3 Auckland, New Zealand Mar del Plata, Argentina Flyer II Mor Bihan
4 Mar del Plata, Argentina Portsmouth, England Flyer II Ceramco NZ

Race results[edit]


Pos Boat Skipper Country Corrected time
1 Flyer II Rietschoten, Conny van Conny van Rietschoten  Netherlands 119d 1h
2 Charles Heidsieck III Gabbay, Alain Alain Gabbay  France 120d 7h
3 Kriter XI Viant, André André Viant  France 120d 10h
4 Disque d'Or III Fehlmann, Pierre Pierre Fehlmann   Switzerland 123d 11h
5 Outward Bound Taylor, Digby Digby Taylor  New Zealand 124d 11h
6 Xargo III Kuttel, Padda Padda Kuttel  South Africa 124d 19h
7 Mor Bihan Poupon, Phillipe Phillipe Poupon  France 125d 15h
8 Berge Viking Lunde, Peder Peder Lunde  Norway 125d 16h
9 Alaska Eagle Novak, Skip Skip Novak & Neil Bergt  United States 126d 10h
10 Euromarche Tabarly, Eric Eric Tabarly  France 126d 23h
11 Ceramco New Zealand Blake, Peter Peter Blake  New Zealand 127d 17h
12 Skopbank Finland Gahmberg, Kenneth Kenneth Gahmberg  Finland 128d 15h
13 Rollygo Falck, Giorgio Giorgio Falck  Italy 129d 20h
14 Traité de Rome Chioatto, Antonio Antonio Chioatto  Europe 130d 23h
15 Croky Versluys, Gustaaf Gustaaf Versluys  Belgium 133d 23h
16 FCF Challenger Williams, Leslie Leslie Williams  United Kingdom 138d 15h
17 United Friendly Blyth, Chay Chay Blyth  United Kingdom 141d 10h
18 Walross III Berlin Viant, Jean-Michel Jean-Michel Viant  West Germany 143d 19h
19 Licor 43 Coello, Joaquin Joaquin Coello  Spain 160d 2h
20 Ilgagomma Vianello, Roberto Roberto Vianello  Italy 160d 9h
European Uni. Belgium Blondiau, Jean Jean Blondiau  Belgium DNF
33 Export Schaff, Phillipe Phillipe Schaff  France DNF
Gauloises III Loizeau, Eric Eric Loizeau  France DNF
La Barca Laboratorio Stampi, Claudio Claudio Stampi  Italy DNF
Save Venice Malingri, Doi Doi Malingri  Italy DNF
Vivanapoli Panada, Beppe Beppe Panada  Italy DNF
Scandinavian Engqvist, Reino Reino Engqvist  Sweden DNF
Swedish Entry Bugge, Mogens Mogens Bugge  Sweden DNF
Bubblegum Mcgown-Fyfe, Iain Iain Mcgown-Fyfe  United Kingdom DNF

Legend: DNF – Did not finish;