1995 Guerrero earthquake

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1995 Guerrero earthquake
1995 Guerrero earthquake is located in Mexico
1995 Guerrero earthquake
Date September 14, 1995
Magnitude 7.4 Mw
Depth 23 km
Epicenter 16°46′44″N 98°35′49″W / 16.779°N 98.597°W / 16.779; -98.597
Areas affected Mexico
Max. intensity VII (Very strong)
Casualties 3 killed

The 1995 Guerrero earthquake occurred on September 14, 1995, at 14:04 UTC (08:04 local time). This earthquake had a magnitude of Mw 7.4, with the epicenter being located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Three people were reported dead. In the rural part of southeast Guerrero, many houses with adobe of poor quality suffered heavier damage.[1] The intensity in Copala reached MM VII.[2] The earthquake could be felt strongly along the coast from Michoacán to Chiapas.[3]

The earthquake occurred in the region of the Middle America Trench. It was an interplate earthquake. It had a reverse faulting focal mechanism.[4][5]

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