1999 New York Underground Film Festival

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These are the films shown at the 6th New York Underground Film Festival, held from March 10–14, 1999

Film Name Director Type Length Notes
10 Beers in 10 Minutes Jesse Sugarman & Mike Long Experimental Video 12:00
A Domestic Hole Gritt Uldall-Jessen Short Video 7:00
Alex the Clown Goes To Hell Keith Schofield Animation Video 2:00
Balls Out! Tara Spartz Short 16mm 7:15
Bang Bang Jeff Scher Experimental 16mm 6:00
Beauty Knows No Pain Dana Discordia Documentary Video 23:00
Birth of a Nation 1965 Alfred Leslie Experimental 8mm/35mm on video 24:00
Bite My Boohonkus Xan Price Short 16mm 16:00
Bovine Vendetta Bob Judd Experimental Video 2:30
Brainspotting Colm Wood Short 16mm 12:12
Brothers Paul Suderman Short 16mm 14:00
Bury Me in Kern County Julien Nitzberg Feature 16mm 90:00 New York Premiere
Chi Girl Heidi Van Lier Feature 35mm 88:00 New York Premiere
Cloven Hoofed Dietmar Post Short 16mm 12:00
Crack Jon Moritsugu Short 16mm 0:45
Crawley Ben Edlund & Lisa Hammer Short Super-8 on video 7:00
Crudbucket Mike Gaut Documentary Video 66:00 New York Premiere
Culture Ari Gold Short 35mm 1:00
Destroy All Mobsters Duncan Reekie Experimental Super-8 on video 10:00
Devil Tour '94 John Geary Documentary Video 3:00
Do You Think I'm Creepy? Jana Ritter Short 16mm 9:00
Do You Think I'm Creepy? Jana Ritter Short 16mm 9:00
Dresden Ben Speth Feature 16mm 82:00 New York Premiere
Eat In Mark Locke Short 16mm 9:30
Evil of Dracula Martha Colburn Animation Super-8 on 16mm 2:00
Farewell to the Deuce (excerpts from work in progress) June Lang Video 6:00
Fife Vanderplough, the Wild Naked Boy of the Lemondrop Forest Glenn Ficarra Short 16mm 8:40
Films by Jeff Keen Jeff Keen Experimental Super-8 on video 5:00
Fin Gabriela Marti Short 16mm 9:00
Fishing for Brad Nicole Koschmann Experimental 35mm 6:15
Footage of 42nd Street June Lang & Jeffrey Arsenault Super 8 on video 4:00
Fun For Men! Arn McConnel Animation Video 13:00
Gladys Nolen's House Arthur Bradford Documentary Video 28:00
Goldfarb Jeremy Saulnier Short 16mm 15:00
Gradually Going Gonzo Jim Heneghan Short 16mm/Video 4:00
Graham Cracker Cream Pie Huck Botko Documentary Video 10:00
Herd Mike Mitchell Short 16mm 17:00
How's Your News? Arthur Bradford Documentary Super-8 / Video 28:00
Human Error In The Mechanical Age Paul Tarragó Short Super-8 11:00
I Created Lancelot Link Jeff Krulik & Diane Bernard Documentary Video 12:00
Jaunt Joey Kötting Documentary 16mm on video 6:00
Johnny Bagpipes Todd Korgan Short 16mm on video 12:12
Junk Roddy Bogawa Feature 16mm 85:00 World Premiere
Kitty Porn Angela Christlieb Experimental 16mm 3:00
Lady Rescue Colette Rouhier Short Video 4:00
Lez B. Friends: A Biker Bitch Hate Story Steak House & Aunti Lou Experimental Video 20:00
Life History of A Star Jennifer Gentile Short 16mm 13:30
Lift-Off Martha Colburn Animation Super-8 on 16mm 3:00
Liquids Jimmy Mazzullo Experimental 16mm/Video 17:00
Looking for Mr. Cole Part One Jennet Thomas Experimental Video with performance 8:30
Made In New York Yongman Kim Short 35mm 15:00
Millennium Bug Lee Lanier Animation 35mm 1:24
Mutantis Enzo Mazzula Experimental Super-8 /Video 13:00
My Brother Cicero Tony Nittoli Short 16mm on video 28:00
My Sister Story Jessica Jennings Documentary Video 21:07
Nocturnu Dennison Ramalho Short 16mm 10:40
Outlet Robert Banks, Jr. Experimental 35mm 3:30
Pervert in our Pool Martha Colburn Animation Super-8 on 16mm 3:00
Phi-Brite Jeff Koone Animation 16mm 2:30
Pig Nico B & Rozz Williams Experimental 16mm 23:00
Pop Thomas Zagrosek Experimental Video 2:30
Pranks! Jesse Brown & Morgwn Rimel Documentary Video 13:00
Puberty: Benji's Special Time Luke Fannin Short 16mm 16:30
Puke Matthew Harrison Short Super-8 4:00
Racecar Adam Schecter & Jesse Brown Animation Video 1:00
Radiation Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky Feature 16mm 85:00 New York Premiere
Random Acts of Intimacy Clio Barnard Documentary 16mm 15:00
Rape of the Arthuropods Arthur Lager Short Super-8 on video 3:00
Red, White and Yellow Mark Littman & Marshall Dostal Documentary 16mm 80:00
Release Brant Sersen Documentary Video 65:00 World Premiere
Revelation S.M.X. Experimental Super-8/Video 1:26
Roadhead Bob Sabiston Documentary 35mm 14:00
Sadisinfectenz Giulia Frati Experimental 16mm 1:58
She-Beast: Greatest Hits from her Films Julie Cavello Short 16mm 8:00
Shine on Sweet Starlet (EXCERPTS) John Michael McCarthy Documentary Super-8 on video 6:00
Sin City Stopless Richard Less & Johnny LaTrene Documentary Video 2:00
Sleep Peter Calvin Feature 16mm 103:00 World Premiere
Sodom and Gomorrha Rudy Burckhardt 16mm 5:00
Split Erik Deutschman Experimental 16mm 12:00
Square Times Rudy Burckhardt 16mm 5:00
Strange Parallel Steve Hanft Documentary 16mm 28:30
Synergy Valerian Bennett Documentary 16mm 60:00 New York Premiere
Tattu Terry Roethlein Experimental Super-8 14:42
The Acid House Paul McGuigan Feature 35mm 106:00 US Premiere
The Acid King Brian Tane Documentary Video 5:20
The Atrocity Exhibition Jonathan Weiss Feature 35mm/Video 105:00 New York Premiere
The Bats Jim Trainor Animation 16mm 8:00
The Dance of Death Lisa Hammer (aka Blessed Elysium) Short Video 3:00
The Dolls House Scott Flockhart Short 16mm on video 7:00
The Fall of Communism as Seen in Gay Pornography William E. Jones Experimental Video 20:00
The Gods of Times Square Richard Sandler Documentary Video 103:00 New York Premiere
The Great Coagulator! Geoffrey Chadwick Short 16mm 8:00
The Kinsey 3 Angela Robinson Short 16mm 12:00
The Last Clean Shirt Alfred Leslie Experimental 35mm 39:00
The Magician Tommy Turner Experimental Super-8 10:00
The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase Carey Burtt Short 16mm 6:00
The Tony Montana School of Business Langdon Doty Short Video 8:23
The Trip Back—Strangers With Candy: The Lost Episode Adam Bernstein Short 16mm 22:00
The Trouble With Perpetual Deja-Vu Todd Verow Feature Video 80:00 World Premiere
Three Days Carter Smith & Kevin Ford Documentary 35mm/16mm/Super-8/Video 94:00 New York Premiere
Tiny Sun-Bathers Olivier Boulanger & Martin Koscielniak Animation 35mm 2:05
True Gore Monte Cazazza & Matthew Causey Documentary Video 75:00
TV Ministry Mark Hejnar Documentary Video 11:00
Un Ga Nai - Bad Luck Christophe Draeger & Martin Frei Documentary Super-8/Video 40:00
Under Chad Valley Jeffrey Erbach Experimental 35mm 8:00
Wake Albert Meycir Animation 16mm 3:15
Welcome James Brett Experimental 35mm 10:00
What's Convenient? Jane Gang Experimental Super-8 3:00
What's On? Martha Colburn Animation Super-8 on 16mm 1:45
Wheels of Fury Dan Dinello, Paul Dinello & Mitch Rouse Short 16mm 14:00
Xavier Todd Lincoln Short 16mm on video 6:00

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