Chi Girl

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Chi Girl
Directed byHeidi Van Lier
Produced byMichael Blaha
Heidi Van Lier
Written byHeidi Van Lier
StarringHeidi Van Lier as Heather
Music byJoe Kraemer
CinematographyAnders Uhl
Edited byPaul Gordon
Distributed byTriShore Entertainment
Release date
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited States

Chi Girl is a 1999 award-winning film[citation needed] produced, directed, written by, and starring Heidi Van Lier. The film is in a mockumentary style in black-and-white film.

Van Lier plays Heather, a Chicago woman who thinks that she can sleep with any man simply because all men crave sex. A cameraman tapes her in her quest to get "laid". While she's trying (unsuccessfully) to prove her theory about men, she's also stalking her ex-boyfriend. The man behind the camera becomes fascinated by her. Heather finally finds a new boyfriend, and starts to take better care of her appearance as a result. She tells the camera man that the filming is over, but in his fascination, he would not stop filming and begins stalking her. She frequently sees him with his camera and tells him to leave her alone. Her new boyfriend breaks up with her, and she falls back into her old ways, and once again allows the cameraman to film her, but this time with no sound. She then boards a train to an unknown destination. The camera man watches the train leave, and decides to wait for her until she returns.


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