2004–05 CBA season

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2004–05 CBA season
League Chinese Basketball Association
Sport Basketball
Duration November 14, 2004 – April 14, 2005
TV partner(s) CCTV-5
and local channels
Regular Season
Season champions Jiangsu Dragons
Season MVP China Tang Zhengdong
Champions Guangdong Southern Tigers
  Runners-up Jiangsu Dragons
Finals MVP China Zhu Fangyu
CBA seasons

The 2004–05 CBA season is the tenth CBA season.[1]

The season ran from November 14, 2004 to April 14, 2005. Beijing Olympians was disqualified for this season.

Promotion and relegation were both abolished since the end of the previous season. The Second Division was renamed NBL. Top finishing teams from the NBL may choose to join the CBA as long as a team meets all items of the criteria set by the CBA Board. As a result, Yunnan Bulls, Fujian Xunxing and Henan Dragons joined the league in this season.[2]

For this season, the league was divided into a North Division (北区) and a South Division (南区), and a new playoff system was also introduced. The regular season consisted of 266 matches, with each team playing 38 matches (four against each of six other teams within its division and two against each of seven teams in the other division).

The all-star game was played on March 6, 2005 in Nanjing, after the end of the regular season and before the beginning of the playoffs: the North Division defeated the South Division 103-99, and Mengke Bateer was the MVP. Also, all-star games were played against the KBL, on January 28, 2005 in Korea and January 30, 2005 in Harbin, China. Korea won the first game 85-82; China won the second game 93-77.[3]

Regular Season Standings[edit]


# 2004–05 CBA season
North Division South Division
1 Liaoning Hunters 29 9 .763 - Jiangsu Dragons 35 3 .921 -
2 Beijing Ducks 22 16 .579 7 Guangdong Southern Tigers 30 8 .789 5
3 Xinjiang Flying Tigers 20 18 .526 9 Bayi Rockets 24 14 .632 11
4 Jilin Northeast Tigers 19 19 .500 10 Yunnan Bulls 22 16 .579 13
5 Shaanxi Kylins 12 26 .316 17 Shanghai Sharks 12 26 .316 23
6 Shandong Lions 11 27 .289 18 Zhejiang Cyclones 11 27 .289 24
7 Henan Dragons 11 27 .289 18 Fujian Xunxing 8 30 .211 27
Key to colors
     Top 4 teams of each division advance to the Divisional Championships and the Playoffs

Divisional Championships[edit]

In the Divisional Championships (分区冠军赛), top 4 teams played with others from the same division in a knock-out bracket.

Winners became the Divisional Champions. No teams were eliminated, the result of the Divisional Championships were used to re-seed teams in the Playoffs.[1][2]

  North Division Semifinals
Best of 3
    North Division Finals
Best of 3
  N1  Liaoning Hunters 2  
  N4  Jilin Northeast Tigers 1    
      N1  Liaoning Hunters (N1) 2
      N2  Beijing Ducks (N2) 0
  N2  Beijing Ducks 2    
  N3  Xinjiang Flying Tigers 1   North Division Third Place Best of 3
N4  Jilin Northeast Tigers (N4) 1
  N3  Xinjiang Flying Tigers (N3) 2
  South Division Semifinals
Best of 3
    South Division Finals
Best of 3
  S1  Jiangsu Dragons 2  
  S4  Yunnan Bulls 0    
      S1  Jiangsu Dragons (S2) 0
      S2  Guangdong Southern Tigers (S1) 2
  S2  Guangdong Southern Tigers 2    
  S3  Bayi Rockets 1   South Division Third Place Best of 3
S4  Yunnan Bulls (S4) 0
  S3  Bayi Rockets (S3) 2

As it turned out, the only change of seeding was that Jiangsu and Guangdong switched places (S1 and S2).


In the Final series, Guangdong Southern Tigers defeated Jiangsu Dragons (3-2). Bayi failed to make the finals for the first time ever.[1][2]

Teams in bold advanced to the next round. The numbers to the left of each team indicate the team's seeding in Divisional Championships, and the numbers to the right indicate the number of games the team won in that round. Home court advantage belongs to the team with the better regular season record; teams enjoying the home advantage are shown in italics.

Best of 3
Best of 5
Best of 5
S1 Guangdong Southern Tigers 2
N4 Jilin Northeast Tigers 0
S1 Guangdong Southern Tigers 3
S3 Bayi Rockets 0
N2 Beijing Ducks 2
S3 Bayi Rockets 1
S1 Guangdong Southern Tigers 3
S2 Jiangsu Dragons 2
N1 Liaoning Hunters 1
S4 Yunnan Bulls 2
S4 Yunnan Bulls 0
S2 Jiangsu Dragons 3
S2 Jiangsu Dragons 2
N3 Xinjiang Flying Tigers 0


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