2006 Yemen prison escape

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Twenty-three suspected Al-Qaeda members escaped from a Yemen prison in 2006.[1][2][3] The escape is notable because the escapers included several individuals imprisoned for their participation in the USS Cole bombing. The escape is notable because Gaber Al-Bana’a was believed to be an American citizen, who traveled to an Afghan training camp with some friends who became known as the Lackawanna Six or Buffalo Six, when they were rounded up as a "sleeper cell".

The prisoners escaped through a 140-metre tunnel.[1]


According to the Yemen Times the escapees were:[2]

  1. Yaser Naser Al-Homikani
  2. Mohammed Sa’eed Al-Omda
  3. Fawzi Mohammed Al-Wajeh
  4. Zakria Hasen Al-Baihani
  5. Abudlrahman Ahmed Basora
  6. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Remi
  7. Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabe ai
  8. Hizam Saleh Mugli
  9. Gamal Mohammed Al-Badwi
  10. Nasir al-Wuhayshi
  11. Abdulrahman Ahmed Basurah
  12. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hoidi
  13. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Mukri
  14. Aref Saleh Mugli
  15. Shafik Ahmed Zaid
  16. Gaber Al-Bana’a
  17. Hamza Salem Al-Kuaiti
  18. Omer Sa’eed Gar Allah
  19. Abdullah Yahya Al-Wa’adi
  20. Khaled Mohammed Al-Batati
  21. Kasem Yahya Al-Remi
  22. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Remi
  23. Mansour Naser al-Bahani


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