2010 ASEAN University Games

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15th ASEAN University Games
2010 ASEAN University Games logo.png
Host city Chiang Mai
Country Thailand
Motto We are one
Nations participating 11
Athletes participating 1000
Events 186
Sports 15
Opening ceremony 15 December 2010 (2010-12-15)
Closing ceremony 23 December 2010 (2010-12-23)
Officially opened by Somchai Wongsawat
Minister of Education of Thailand
Main venue Maejo University
Website 2010 ASEAN University Games
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The 2010 ASEAN University Games officially known as the 15th ASEAN University Games was a Southeast Asian university multi-sport event held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 15 to 23 December 2010. Around 1000 athletes from 10 participating nations participated at the games, which featured 186 events in 15 sports.[1]

This was the fourth time Thailand hosted the games, and its first time since 1999. Previously, Thailand also hosted the 1981 inaugural games and the 1988 games. This was also the second time the Thai city, Chiang Mai hosted the games. The games was opened and closed by Somchai Wongsawat, the Minister of Education of Thailand at the Maejo University.

The final medal tally was led by host Thailand, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia. Several games records were broken during the games. With little or no controversy at all, the games were deemed generally successful, with the rising standard of university sports competition among the Southeast Asian nations.


Development and preparation[edit]

The Organising Committee of the 15th ASEAN University Games was formed to oversee the staging of the games.[2]


The 15th ASEAN University Games had 13 venues for the games.[2]

City Competition Venue Sports
Chiang Mai
Maejo University
Gymnasium Opening and closing ceremonies, Sepak takraw, Volleyball (Indoor)
Main stadium Athletics, Football (finals)
Swimming Pool Aquatics
Chiang Mai University
Gymnasium Badminton, Table tennis
Beech Volleyball Court Volleyball (Beech)
Chiang Mai Sports Complex
Gymnasium Basketball, Futsal
Tennis center Tennis
Price Royal College Football
Monfort College Football
Maejo Golf club and resort Golf
UFO Bowl Bowling
Payap University Pencak Silat
North Chiang Mai University Karate, Taekwondo



Nong Hug, the hill tribe youth, The official Mascot of the games.

The logo of the 2010 ASEAN University Games is a Galae, a traditional house constructed with Northern Lanna style intended to prevent bad things or bad luck from entering the houses. In the logo, the Galae symbol represents the good things and happiness brought to the host nation of the games and visitors and participants from all ASEAN nations.


The official mascot of the 2010 ASEAN University Games is a hill tribe youth named Nong Hug. The name Hug was chosen for the mascot, because Hug means Love in Northern Thai language which is also the beginning of unity and harmony. In English, the word Hug defines as to embrace or hold one's arms to show the love shared and to hug each other. Nong is the Thai word for young man, or little brother. The combination of love and hug as shown in the red cloth wrapped around Nong Hug’s waist represents the existence of love when being hug for not just people of the host country Thailand but also participating countries of the games from Southeast Asia.[2]

The games[edit]

Opening ceremony[edit]

The Games was opened at the Maejo University by the Minister of Education of Thailand, Somchai Wongsawat, on 15 December 2010 at 19:00 (TST).[3]

Participating nations[edit]


Medal table[edit]

A total number of 609 medals, comprising 183 Gold medals, 183 Silver medals and 243 Bronze medals were awarded to athletes. The host Thailand's performance was its best ever yet and emerged as overall champion of the games.[4]


  *   Host nation (Thailand)

2010 ASEAN University Games medal table
 Rank  NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Thailand (THA)* 58 61 50 169
2  Indonesia (INA) 46 51 50 147
3  Malaysia (MAS) 37 36 44 117
4  Vietnam (VIE) 34 16 14 64
5  Philippines (PHI) 5 4 24 33
6  Laos (LAO) 2 9 30 41
7  Singapore (SIN) 1 6 23 30
8  Brunei (BRU) 0 0 3 3
 Timor-Leste (TLS) 0 0 3 3
10  Myanmar (MYA) 0 0 2 2
11  Cambodia (CAM) 0 0 0 0
Total (11 NOCs) 183 183 243 609


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