2010 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships – Men's 25K

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2010 FINA
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25K men's 25K
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The Men's 25K race at the 2010 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships was swum on Thursday, July 22, 2010 in Roberval, Quebec, Canada.

The race began at 9 a.m., and was swum in the Lac Saint-Jean in the city center. 21 men swam the event.

The 25 kilometer distance of the race was reached by completed 10 laps of the 2.5-kilometer course set up for the championships.


All times in hours:minutes:seconds[1]

Place Swimmer Country Time Notes
1 Alex Meyer  USA 5:32:39.38
2 Valerio Cleri  Italy 5:32:40.40
3 Petar Stoychev  Bulgaria 5:33:50.29
4 Edoardo Stochino  Italy 5:35:08.46
5 Bertrand Venturi  France 5:36:10.75
6 Simon Tobin  Canada 5:37:09.74
7 Josef Kinderwater  USA 5:37:32.67
8 Joanes Hedel  France 5:37:48.38
9 Damián Blaum  Argentina 5:39:27.33
10 Libor Smolka  Czech Republic 5:39:31.30
11 David Browne  Australia 5:39:52.44
12 Rostislav Vitek  Czech Republic 5:42:24.45
13 Xavier Desharnais  Canada 5:51:48.45
14 Josip Soldo  Croatia 5:59:43.05
15 Evgenij Popacev  Macedonia 6:03:01.01
16 Ivan Afanevich  Russia 6:13:18.56
17 Michal Skrodzki  Poland 6:18:25.99
Raul Alberto Macedo  Argentina DNF
Vasily Boykov  Russia DNF
Tomislav Soldo  Croatia DNF
Sergiy Fesenko  Azerbaijan DNS