2010 KHL Junior Draft

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2010 KHL Draft
Date June 4, 2010
Location Moscow, Russia
First Selection Czech Republic Dmitrij Jaškin
Selected by: Sibir Novosibirsk
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The 2010 KHL Junior Draft was the second entry draft held by the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), taking place on June 4, 2010. Ice hockey players from around the world aged between 17 and 21 years of age were selected. Players eligible to take part in the draft were required to not have an active contract with a KHL, MHL or VHL team. A total of 690 players participated in the draft, 490 of these playing in Russia, 100 in Europe and 100 in North America.[1]

The first pick of the first round was Dmitrij Jaškin playing for VHK Vsetín at the time of the draft. He was picked by Sibir Novosibirsk.

Nullified picks[edit]

Three draft picks were nullified by the league:[2]

The reasoning for the nullification was that these three players had active contracts with NHL teams at the time of the draft.

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