2011 International Franz Liszt Piano Competition

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The IX International Franz Liszt Piano Competition took place in Utrecht from March 25 to April 8, 2011. The competition was won by Masataka Goto. Olga Kozlova and Oleksandr Poliykov were awarded the 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Jury and Results[edit]

Contestant R1 SF F
Taiwan Yen-Yu Chen
Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov
Croatia Goran Filipec
Japan Masataka Goto Approve icon.svg Approve icon.svg Gold medal icon.svg
Russia Elena Gurina
South Korea Sooyeun Han
United States Michael Kaykov
Ukraine Dinara Klinton Approve icon.svg
Russia Olga Kozlova Approve icon.svg Approve icon.svg Silver medal icon.svg
Taiwan Yun Yang Lee
Russia Nikolay Leshchenko
Italy Vincenzo Maltempo
Estonia Hando Nahkur
Japan Nariya Nogi Approve icon.svg
China Linzi Pan Approve icon.svg
South Korea Jin Woo Park Approve icon.svg
Bulgaria Ivan Penkov Approve icon.svg
Ukraine Ilya Petrov
Ukraine Oleksandr Poliykov Approve icon.svg Approve icon.svg Bronze medal icon.svg
Russia Dmitry Rodionov
Japan Tomoki Sakata Approve icon.svg
Russia Alexey Sychev

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