2017 Summer North American League of Legends Championship Series

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The 2017 Summer North American League of Legends Championship Series split (2017 Summer NA LCS) is a combination of the regular summer season, the promotion tournament, the playoffs, and the regional qualifiers. The 2017 regular summer season was a round robin between all the NA LCS teams. The promotion tournament was played between the bottom NA LCS teams and the top Challenger Series (CS) teams. The playoffs was played between the top NA LCS teams which determined the champion of the NA LCS and seeding for Worlds. After the playoffs, the regional qualifiers was the final chance for a NA LCS team to get a seat for Worlds.

2017 Regular Summer Season[edit]


The format of the 2017 regular summer season gave every team the opportunity to play a best of three for every match. The first team to win two out of the three games wins the match. Teams played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every Friday there were two matches played. Every Saturday and Sunday there were four matches played. The rest of the week was used for practice. In between week 5 and 6, NA LCS took a break to participate in Rift Rivals. Rift Rivals was a competitive tournament for boasting rights between different regions. NA LCS played against the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS). In this tournament, NA sent Team Solo Mid (TSM), Cloud9 (C9), and Phoenix1 (P1) to represent the region. The 2017 regular summer season started on Friday, June 2, 2017 featuring C9 vs Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Immortals (IMT) vs P1.[1] The final day of the 2017 regular summer season was Sunday, August 6, 2017 featuring C9 vs Echo Fox (FOX), Team Liquid (TL) vs Team Dignitas (DIG), TSM vs CLG, and FlyQuest (FLY) vs P1.[2] By the end of the 2017 regular summer season, there were nine weeks of competition and over 200 games played.


  • Patch 7.10.
  • The matches were played at NA LCS Studio in either the Battle Arena or the Battle Theater.[3]
  • On Friday there was only one live stream while on the weekend there were two live streams (NALCS1 & NALCS2).


Team Solo Mid (TSM)
Top Laner- Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell
Jungle- Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen
Mid Laner- Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg
ADC- Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng
Support- Vincent “Biofrost” Wang
Sub ADC- Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm
Coach- Parth “Parth” Naidu


Immortals (IMT)
Top Laner- Hojong “Flame” Lee
Jungle- Jake “Xmithie” Puchero
Mid Laner- Eugene “Pobelter” Park
ADC- Li “Cody Sun” Yu Sun
Support- Joosung “Olleh” Kim
Sub Jungle- Andy “Anda” Hoang
Coach- Sangsu “Ssong” Kim


Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)
Top Laner- Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya
Jungle- Omar “Omargod” Amin
Mid Laner- Jaehyun “Huhi” Choi
ADC- Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes
Support- Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black
Sub Top Laner- Kevin “Fallenbandit” Wu
Sub Mid Laner- Jean “Tuesday” Sebastien
Sub ADC- Osama “Zag” Alkhalaileh
Sub Support- Hyowon “Fill” Lee
Coach- Anthony “Zikzlol” Gray


Cloud9 (C9)
Top Laner- Eonyoung “Impact” Jeong
Jungle- Juan “Contractz” Garcia
Mid Laner- Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen
ADC- Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi
Support- Andy “Smoothie” Ta
Sub Top Laner- Jiwon “Ray” Jeon
Coach- Hangya “Reapered” Bok


Team Dignitas (DIG)
Top Laner- Chan-ho “Ssumday” Kim
Jungle- Byeong-hoon “Shrimp” Lee
Mid Laner- Lae-young “Keane” Jang
ADC- Johnny “Altec” Ru
Support- Adrian “Adrian” Ma
Sub ADC- Benjamin “LOD” deMunck
Sub Support- Terry “Big” Chuong
Coach- David “Cop” Roberson


Team Envy (NV)
Top Laner- Woo-Yeong “Seraph” Shin
Jungle- Taeyou “LirA” Nam
Mid Laner- Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer
ADC- Apollo “Apollo” Price
Support- Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent
Sub ADC- Zach “Nientonsoh” Malhas
Sub Mid Laner- Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin
Coach- Dong Hwan “Violet” Kim


FlyQuest (FLY)
Top Laner- An “Balls” Le
Jungle- Galen “Moon” Holgate
Mid Laner- Hai “Hai” Lam
ADC- Jason “WildTurtle” Tran
Sub Mid Laner- Michael “bigfatIp” Tang
Sub Support- Maria “Remilia” Creveling
Coach- Thomas “ThinkCard” Slotkin


Echo Fox (FOX)
Top Laner- Brandon “Brandini” Chen
Jungle- Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham
Mid Laner- Henrik “Froggen” Hansen
ADC- Yuri “Keith” Jew
Support- Austin “Gate” Yu
Sub Top Laner- Hyeongseok “Looper” Jang
Sub ADC- Brandon “Mash” Phan
Sub Jungle- Jonathan “Grig” Armao
Sub Mid Laner- Tanner “Damonte” Damonte
Coach- Nick “Inero” Smith


Team Liquid (TL)
Top Laner- Samson “Lourlo” Jackson
Jungle- Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett
Mid Laner- Youngmin “Mickey” Son
ADC- Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae
Support- Matt “Matt” Elento
Sub Mid Laner- Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer
Sub Jungle- Yeu-Jin “Reignover” Kim
Sub Jungle- Rami “Inori” Charagh
Sub Support- Koo “konkwon” Hyuk Kwon
Sub Mid Laner- David “Insanity” Challe
Coach- Nu-ri “Cain” Jang


Phoenix1 (P1)
Top Laner- Derek “Zig” Shao
Jungle- Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung
Mid Laner- Sang “Ryu” Wook Yoo
ADC- Dong-hyeon “Arrow” Noh
Support- Alex “Xpecial” Chu
Sub Jungle- William “Meteos” Hartman
Sub Mid Laner- Marcin “Selfie” Wolski
Sub Mid Laner- Jun-sik “Pirean” Choi
Sub Top Laner- Jon “Allorim” Logue
Sub Jungle- Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin
Sub Support- Jordan “Shady” Robison
Coach- Sang-Chul “Fly” Kim



  1. Team Solo Mid 14W-4L
  2. Immortals 14W-4L
  3. Counter Logic Gaming 12W-6L
  4. Cloud9 12W-6L
  5. Team Dignitas 11W-7L
  6. Team Envy 8W-10L
  7. FlyQuest 6W-12L
  8. Echo Fox 5W-13L
  9. Team Liquid 4W-14L
  10. Phoenix1 4W-14L[14]

Promotion Tournament[edit]


The promotion tournament was played between the bottom two NA LCS teams and the top two CS teams. This tournament was a three-day event. On the first day, a NA LCS team vs a CS team. The winners from day one go onto the winners bracket, day two, where they play against each other to determine who will get to play in the NA LCS next split. The losers from day one go onto the losers bracket, day two, where they play against each other to determine who will get a final chance to qualify for the NA LCS next split. On day three, the winner of the losers bracket plays against the loser of the winners bracket. The winner of day three will play in the NA LCS next split. This was the last promotion tournament of the NA LCS. Next split the NA LCS will be franchising teams.[15]


  • Patch 7.15
  • Played in the Battle Theater and Battle Arena.


NA LCS Teams[edit]

  • Phoenix1
  • Team Liquid

CS Teams[edit]

Gold Coin United (GCU)
Top Laner- Colin “Solo” Earnest
Jungle- Lucas “Santorin” Larsen
Mid Laner- Yongjun “Fly” Song
ADC- Richard “Rikara” Oh
Support- Mingi “Madlife” Hong
Sub Mid Laner- Jaehoon “Fenix” Kim
Sub Mid Laner- Alec “BonQuish” Warren
Sub Support- Ryan “Whyin” Karaszkiewicz
Coach- Yoonsup “Locodoco” Choi


eUnited (EUN)
Top Laner- Eric “Licorice” Ritchie
Jungle- Ingyu “DanDy” Choi
Mid Laner- Chang-suk “GBM” Lee
ADC- Matthew “Deftly” Chen
Support- Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam
Sub Support- John “Papa Chau” Le
Sub Mid Laner- Boyuan “bobqinXD” Qin
Sub Jungle- Nicholas “PotLuck” Pollock
Coach- Tadayoshi "Hermit" Littleton



Day 1[edit]

  • Phoenix1 (P1) vs. Gold Coin United (GCU)

Phoenix1 (P1) Victory 3W-2L

  • Team Liquid (TL) vs. eUnited (EUN)

Team Liquid (TL) Victory 3W-0L

Day 2[edit]

  • eUnited (EUN) vs. Gold Coin United (GCU)

eUnited (EUN) Victory 3W-0L

  • Team Liquid (TL) vs. Phoenix1 (P1)

Team Liquid (TL) 3W-2L

Day 3[edit]

  • Phoenix1 (P1) vs. eUnited (EUN)

Phoenix1 (P1) Victory 3W-0L[18]

Team Liquid and Phoenix1 both won the promotion tournament, but they are not guaranteed a seat next split. The 2018 NA LCS Spring Split has implemented franchising so no team is guaranteed a spot.



The top six teams of the regular season got to play in the Summer Playoffs. The Summer Playoffs consists of three rounds: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. The top two teams automatically qualify for Semifinals while the four other teams played in the Quarterfinals. The winners of the Quarterfinals move onto the Semifinals. With the use of dynamic seeding, the highest seed team, regular season, played against the lowest seed team that moved onto the Semifinals. The second highest seed team, regular season, played against the other team. The two winners of the Semifinals played for first place in the Finals while the two losers played for third place.[19]


  • Patch 7.16
  • Quarterfinals and Semifinals played in the Battle Arena while the Finals played in Madison Square Garden, Boston, MA.
  • All matches are best of five.[20][21][22][23]


  • Team Solo Mid
  • Immortals
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Team Dignitas
  • Team Envy



  • Team Dignitas vs. Cloud9

Team Dignitas Victory 3W-1L

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Envy

Counter Logic Gaming Victory 3W-2L


  • Counter Logic Gaming vs. Immortals

Immortals Victory 3W-0L

  • Team Solo Mid vs. Team Dignitas

Team Solo Mid Victory 3W-1L

Third Place[edit]

  • Team Dignitas vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming Victory 3W-0L


  • Team Solo Mid vs. Immortals

Team Solo Mid Victory 3W-1L[24]

Regional Qualifiers[edit]


The Regional Qualifiers is played between 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th highest point holders. There are three rounds. The first round was played between the 4th and 5th point holders. The second round was played between the winner of the first round and the 3rd point holder. The final round is played between the winner of the second round and the 2nd point holder. The winner of the last round will get the last seat to qualify for Worlds.[25]


  • Patch 7.16
  • Played in the Battle Theater.
  • All matches are best of five[26]


  • FlyQuest
  • Team Dignitas
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9


Round 1[edit]

  • FlyQuest vs. Team Dignitas

FlyQuest Victory 3W-0L

Round 2[edit]

  • FlyQuest vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming Victory 3W-1L


  • Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Cloud9 Victory 3W-1L[27]


The NA LCS allows only three teams to represent the region at the Worlds competition. The winner of the Summer Playoffs got the first seat. The second seat went to team with the most Championship Points. The last seat went to the winner of the Regional Qualifiers. Worlds took place in China.


  • Team Solo Mid
  • Immortals
  • Cloud 9[28]


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