2018 Iraqi Kurdistan missile strike

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2018 Iraqi Kurdistan missile strike
TypeMissile strike
Commanded byIRGC
Date8 September 2018
Casualties18 people [1] killed
50 people injured

On 8 September 2018,[2] Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) launched seven[2] Fateh-110 missiles at the headquarters of two Iranian Kurdish opposition parties in the town of Koya, in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish[3] region 300 km north of Iraq's capital, Baghdad.[3] Initial reports from Iranian news agencies listed 11 killed people.[4] Later reports indicated 18 people were killed.[5]


In recent months, some attacks were happened by Iraqi Kurdish rebels in borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to plan acts of sabotage and to destroy the peace and safety in the provinces such as West Azerbaijan Province, Kermanshah and Kurdistan.[6] Therefore Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fought against them at the Kamyaran border last week.[7]

According to the statement of IRGC, the target of the missile strike is described to bring to an end to "terrorist and aggressive actions against Iran". The attack took place after ignoring serious warnings by officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government about Iran’s determination to dismantle their bases.[2]


According to initial reports the missile strike led to the death of 12 people and being injured of 50 others, as party officials nominated.[8] Later reporting indicated the death toll had risen to 18. [9] Also, leaders of DPIK, Mustafa Mouloudi and Khalid Azizi were wounded.[8]


On 15 September 2018, the rebel group has tried to attack Iran embassy in France. They burned Iran's flag front of the embassy and broken window by stone. Rebel group was identified as Kurdish activists, as Reuters wrote.[10]

On 17 September 2018, 10 members of the anarchist group Rouvikonas riding motorbikes hurled the bottles of paint at the outer walls of Iran Embassy in the capital Athens.[11][12]

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