2020 Ethiopian general election

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2020 Ethiopian general election

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All 547 seats in the House of Peoples' Representatives
274 seats needed for a majority
  Abiy Ahmed during state visit of Reuven Rivlin to Ethiopia, May 2018.jpg Debretsion Gebremichael crop.jpg Birhanu Nega.png
Leader Abiy Ahmed Debretsion Gebremichael Berhanu Nega
Party Prosperity Party TPLF EZEMA
Last election 512 seats 38 seats New party
Current seats 512 38 New party
Seats needed Steady Increase 236 Increase 274

  Merera Gudina.png Dawud Ibsa Ayana.png
Leader Merera Gudina Dawud Ibsa Ayana Mohammed Omar Osman
Party Medrek Oromo Liberation Front Ogaden National Liberation Front
Last election 0 seats 0 seats New party
Current seats 0 0 New party
Seats needed Increase 274 Increase 274 Increase 274

Incumbent Prime Minister

Abiy Ahmed

General elections were supposed to be held in Ethiopia on 29 August 2020 to elect officials to the House of Peoples' Representatives,[1] but were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2] Regional and council elections were also planned to be held at the same time around the country.[3]

The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, the political coalition which had dominated Ethiopian politics since the overthrow of the Derg regime in 1991, was dissolved on 1 December 2019. Most of its member parties were merged into the Prosperity Party, which inherited the EPRDF's role as the governing party. The last leader of the EPRDF, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, became the first leader of the new party. The Tigray People's Liberation Front was the only constituent party that did not take part in the merger, and will participate in the elections as a separate party.


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