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2067 album cover.jpg
Studio album by Rheostatics
Released 2004
Genre Indie rock
Label True North
Rheostatics chronology
Night of the Shooting Stars
(2001)Night of the Shooting Stars2001
The Whale Music Concert, 1992
(2005)The Whale Music Concert, 19922005

2067 is a 2004 album by Rheostatics. It was the band's first album with longtime producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda as an official member, as well as its final studio album. The album was billed as a concept album imagining Canada on the 200th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 1867, although this concept is only loosely evident in the album itself.

The album was released on True North Records. It contains a hidden track which is officially billed as a "mystery song"; it is in fact a revamped synthpop version of one of the band's first notable singles, "Record Body Count" (from 1991's Melville).

The first single from the album was "Marginalized". The second single, "The Tarleks", was loosely inspired by the character of Herb Tarlek from the 1970s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Frank Bonner, who played Tarlek in the series, reprises that role in the WorldFest-Houston Gold Award-winning video.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Shack in the Cornfields" Martin Tielli 7:32
2. "Little Bird, Little Bird" Dave Bidini 3:57
3. "Marginalized" Tim Vesely 3:31
4. "The Tarleks" Tielli 5:23
5. "Power Ballad for Ozzy Osbourne" Bidini 3:39
6. "I Dig Music (The Jazz Animal)" Bidini 4:59
7. "Here Comes the Image" Vesely 6:40
8. "Who Is That Man, And Why Is He Laughing?" Rheostatics 5:00
9. "The Latest Attempt on Your Life" Tielli 2:44
10. "Polar Bears and Trees" Bidini 4:07
11. "Making Progress" Vesely 5:31
12. "Try to Praise This Mutilated World" Bidini 6:13
13. "(eight seconds of silence)"   0:08
14. "Record Body Count (Synth! Synth! Synth!)" Rheostatics 3:29