21st Circuitry

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21st Circuitry
Founded1991 (1991)
Defunct1999 (1999)
GenreIndustrial rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationSan Francisco, California

21st Circuitry was a record label based in San Francisco, California, that was founded in early 1991. The label released music from genres, such as electro-industrial, industrial rock, and other similar styles of music. The label signed a number of artists, including, Covenant, Unit:187, and Xorcist, as well as releasing a number of compilation albums targeted at the industrial scene. Some releases were distributed via other labels, including Caroline Records and Metropolis Records.[1] In 1999, 21st Circuitry shut its doors and its remaining stock was purchased by Metropolis Records.

Notable artists[edit]


  • Death Rave 2000 (1993)
  • Death Rave 2010 (1994)
  • Coldwave Breaks (1995)
  • 21st Circuitry Shox (1996)
  • The Remix Wars: Strike 1 - :Wumpscut: Vs. Haujobb
  • The Remix Wars: Strike 3 - 16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.
  • Newer Wave (1997)
  • Coldwave Breaks II (1997)
  • Newer Wave 2.0 (1998)
  • 21st Circuitry Shox 2 (1998)


  1. ^ Back cover, Meat.your.maker by Hate Dept.

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