24th Delaware General Assembly

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Richard Bassett
Seal of Delaware.svg
24th General Assembly
In office
January 7, 1800 – January 6, 1801
Preceded by 23rd Assembly
Succeeded by 25th Assembly

The 24th Delaware General Assembly was a meeting of the legislative branch of the state government, consisting of the Delaware Senate and the Delaware House of Representatives. Elections were held the first Tuesday of October and terms began on the first Tuesday in January. The Assembly met in the state capital, Dover, convening January 7, 1800, two weeks before the beginning of the second year of the administration of Governor Richard Bassett.

The apportionment of seats was permanently assigned to three senators and seven representatives for each of the three counties. Population of the county did not effect the number of delegates. Both chambers had a Federalist majority.



House of Representatives[edit]

  • Stephen Lewis, Kent County



Senators were elected by the public for a three-year term, one third posted each year.

New Castle County
  • Archibald Alexander
  • Peter Brynberg
  • Isaac Grantham
Kent County
Sussex County
  • Charles Draper
  • Nathaniel Hayes
  • David Owens

House of Representative[edit]

Representatives were elected by the public for a one-year term.

New Castle County
  • George Clark, Jr.
  • Joseph England
  • Thomas Fitzgerald
  • George Gillespie
  • William Johnson
  • Robert Middleton
  • Caesar Augustus Rodney
Kent County
  • Manlove Emerson
  • James Henry
  • Stephen Lewis
  • Henry Molleston
  • Nicholas Ridgely
  • William Sorden
  • William Warner
Sussex County
  • Elijah Adams
  • Joshua Burton
  • Samuel Paynter, Jr.
  • Thomas Sorden
  • Stephen Styer
  • George Waller
  • Jacob Wolfe


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