30 Gallon Tank

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30 Gallon Tank
EP by Spoon
Released May 5, 1998
Genre Indie rock
Length 10:27
Label Elektra
Producer Britt Daniel and Jim Eno
John Croslin
Spoon chronology
Soft Effects
(1997)Soft Effects1997
30 Gallon Tank
A Series of Sneaks
(1998)A Series of Sneaks1998

30 Gallon Tank is an EP by the indie rock band Spoon.[1] The 7" record was released on May 5, 1998, as a promotional EP showcasing the band which was newly signed to Elektra Records.[2] Released on the same day was Spoon's second LP A Series of Sneaks. The A-side of 30 Gallon Tank contained two tracks that also appeared on Sneaks, while the B-side contained a new Spoon song and a previously released Drake Tungsten track.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Britt Daniel, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "30 Gallon Tank" (Daniel, Jim Eno) 4:02
2. "Car Radio (Different)" 1:30
3. "Revenge!" 2:47
4. "I Could Be Underground" 2:08
Total length: 10:27


  • The title track "30 Gallon Tank" was also released on A Series of Sneaks.
  • The song "Car Radio (Different)" is a remix of the similarly named track that appears on A Series of Sneaks.
  • "Revenge!" is a never-before released Spoon track.
  • "I Could Be Underground" is originally a Drake Tungsten song, with slightly different versions appearing on Clocking Out Is For Suckers and Six Pence for the Sauces.


  • Britt Daniel – lead vocals, guitar
  • Eric Harvey – keyboard, guitar, vocals
  • Joshua Zarbo – bass guitar
  • Jim Eno – drums


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