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"30 минут"
Single by t.A.T.u.
from the album 200 По Встречной
Released September 2001
Format Music video only
Recorded 2000
Genre Pop rock,
Length 3:17
Label Universal, Interscope
Songwriter(s) Sergio Galoyan, Ivan Shapovalov, Elena Kiper, Valeriy Polienko
Producer(s) Ivan Shapovalov
t.A.T.u. singles chronology
"Нас не догонят"
"30 минут"
"Prostye Dvizheniya"
"Нас не догонят"
"30 минут"
"Prostye Dvizheniya"
Music video
"30 Minut (RU)" on YouTube

30 Minut (Cyrillic: 30 минут, "30 Minutes") is a single from the album 200 По Встречной by t.A.T.u., released in 2001. "30 Minut" is also known as "Полчаса" (Polchasa) (Half-an-hour). The authors of the song are Sergio Galoyan, Ivan Shapovalov, Elena Kiper and Valeriy Polienko.

Music video[edit]

A video was recorded and gained substantial airplay in Russia. In the video, Lena is seated on a carousel, kissing and groping a boy. There are close-ups of the boy's hands squeezing Lena's buttocks. Her skirt is removed, and her shirt is lifted, culminating in a scene where Lena's breast is exposed (where a body double was used[1][2][3]). Yulia catches Lena kissing him and is seen in a school bathroom, solemnly plotting and unwrapping a crude time bomb. At the end of the video, the lovers, the carousel, and Yulia are blown up.

The interpretation of the video is open-ended. It is implied that Yulia's character was in a relationship with one of the lovers on the carousel, and carries out the murder-suicide as a result of either Lena or the boy being unfaithful, though it could also have been unrequited love for either one. Interestingly, as the lyrics for both the English version and the Russian version of the song differ in meaning, the video could potentially be interpreted in different ways as a result of these lyrics.


Ivan Shapovalov directed the video and he also directed the band's previous music videos. The video was censored on TV with the part when Lena's breast is exposed resting on the boy's chest being omitted. Also the final part when the carousel explodes because of the bomb is shortened, adding more parts when Yulia is watching them and making the bomb.

Alternative Video 2016[edit]

An unreleased video was filtered 15 years later of its original release. It is a completely different video where Julia and Lena are sitting in the middle of the carousel. The video was edited by MIKE and it is the HarDrum Remix version of the song.

Official Remixes[edit]

  1. "30 минут" (30 Minut) (HarDrum Remix) - From t.A.T.u. Remixes 4:05
  2. "30 минут" (30 Minut) (Naked Mix By Moscow Grooves Institute) - From t.A.T.u. Remixes 5:16
  3. "30 минут" (30 Minut) (RagaMix by That Black) - From 200 Po Vstrechnoy Second Edition and t.A.T.u. Remixes 5:55
  4. "30 минут" (30 Minut) (ZX Spectrum Mix) - From The Trailer We Are the Strange

Chart Positions[edit]

Country Peak Position
Russia - Airplay Chart 7


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