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47 Meters Down
47 Meters Down (2017) Theatrical Release Poster.png
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Johannes Roberts
Produced by
  • James Harris
  • Mark Lane
Written by
  • Johannes Roberts
  • Ernest Riera
Music by Tomandandy
Cinematography Mark Silk
Edited by Martin Brinkler
  • The Fyzz Facility
  • Dragon Root
  • Flexibon Films
  • Lantica Pictures
  • Dimension Films
Distributed by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures
Release date
  • 12 June 2017 (2017-06-12) (Regency Village Theatre)
  • 16 June 2017 (2017-06-16) (United States)
  • 26 July 2017 (2017-07-26) (United Kingdom)
Running time
89 minutes[1]
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Language English
Budget $5.3 million[2]
Box office $61.7 million[3]

47 Meters Down is a 2017 survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts, written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, and starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore.[4] The plot follows two sisters who go on holiday in Mexico, and are invited to cage dive and see sharks up close. When the cable holding the cage breaks and it plummets to the ocean floor with the two girls trapped inside, they must find a way to escape, with their air supplies running low and great white sharks stalking nearby.

It was released in the United States on 16 June 2017, and in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2017. The film received mixed reviews but was a box office success, grossing over $61 million worldwide against a budget of about $5 million.

A sequel, titled 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter, is scheduled for a release on 28 June 2019.


Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are sisters on vacation in Mexico. Lisa's boyfriend broke up with her because "she made the relationship boring". Kate tries to cheer Lisa up and takes her out drinking and dancing at 4:00 am. The sisters meet a pair of local men at a bar and they convince them to go out with them on their boat to watch sharks from a diving cage. Lisa hesitates but Kate persuades her saying it would show Lisa's boyfriend that she isn't boring and make him regret breaking up with her.

The sisters arrive at the boat dock. At first sight, the boat is lackluster and Lisa is immediately wary of it and its owner, Captain Taylor. Upon meeting the girls, the captain asks if the sisters are experienced divers. Kate is a certified diver but Lisa is new to diving, so they lie and say they are both experienced. The dive cage is old and rusty and hangs from a thin chains from an old crane, adding further to Lisa's apprehensions.

As they reach the diving spot, Captain Taylor baits the sharks. Lisa is skeptical about the entire dive, but Captain Taylor dismisses her concerns. The locals dive first in the cage. Unbeknownst to everyone on the boat, the cable supporting the cage starts to fray. The men return to the surface and Captain Taylor prepares to send Lisa and Kate down. When Lisa and Kate are in the cage, the cable breaks and the cage sinks to the bottom, some 47 meters below the surface and out of communication range with the boat. Kate swims up seven meters to resume communications with Captain Taylor, who tells her Javier (Chris J. Johnson) will be coming down with a spare winch to pull them up. He also advises them to stay in the cage as the sharks are circling. Both women are quickly running out of air, but they wait in the cage until they see a torch in the distance. Thinking that Javier cannot see them, Lisa swims out to get him, as Kate's air is lower due to the previous swim. Lisa swims towards the light, close to the bottom to avoid shark attacks from the below. A shark tries to attack Lisa but she swims into a small grotto to avoid it. Continuing to go towards the light, she comes to a crevasse with no bottom in sight.

Swimming over the cliff towards the light she finds the torch but not Javier. While looking around, she gets confused about her distance from the cage and Kate. Just as Javier appears and attempts to usher her back towards safety, he is attacked and killed by a shark. Lisa takes Javier's spear gun and the spare winch, and swims back towards the cage. With the newly acquired torch as well as the spear gun, Lisa swims up and notifies Taylor to pull them up. Disaster strikes as they are being winched to safety: The replacement winch line also snaps and the cage sinks back to the bottom. The cage lands on Lisa's leg, pinning her down. Lisa and Kate panic as they realize they are now both out of options and air.

Kate swims back up to communication range to tell Taylor they are low on air and that Lisa is pinned down. Taylor sends some air tanks down and tells them the Mexican coast guard is an hour out. He also warns her that the second tank may cause nitrogen narcosis which can lead to hallucinations. Kate finds the air tanks just as her original tank runs empty. She also finds three flares to signal the coast guard.

As she returns to the cage, Kate is attacked and presumably killed by a shark. Lisa, still pinned and running low on air, uses the spear from the spear gun to pull the tank towards her. In the process, the spear cuts her hand. She dons the new tank, and then hears Kate over the radio. Kate is injured and low on air, and her blood is attracting more sharks. Lisa says she will find her, and uses her BCD to lift up the cage, freeing her leg. After Lisa finds Kate, Taylor tells them the coast guard is still some time out and they need to get back in the cage. Lisa adamantly refuses due to the nature of Kate's wounds, and they decide to swim to the surface. As they swim to the surface, they use one of the three flares to scare the sharks. At the 20-meter mark, they are reminded by Taylor they must wait five minutes to decompress and avoid the bends. As the first flare burns out, Kate tries to light the second flare but drops it and it sinks to the bottom. As she lights the third flare she sees three sharks close in front of her. The sisters are now surrounded by sharks and must rush to the surface.

Taylor yells for them to drop their gear and make a break for the surface. They swim as fast as they can towards the surface close to the boat. As they cling to a life ring to get to the boat, one of the sharks bites Lisa's leg and pulls her back down into the water. Lisa manages to escape and starts to swim towards the boat again. Both women make it to the boat and reach up to get pulled in. As they are getting pulled in a shark jumps out of the water and grabs Lisa by the leg, pulling her down again. The shark starts to viciously bite into Lisa’s leg but Lisa hits the shark and gouges its eye out and the shark releases her. Captain Taylor and the other men pull Lisa and Kate onto the boat and begin administering first aid. However, as Lisa stares at her hand on the deck of the boat, she realizes she has been hallucinating due to nitrogen narcosis. She realizes she is still at the bottom with her leg pinned by the cage. She laughs and imagines that she is talking to Kate on the boat deck. The coast guard comes to rescue her and carries Lisa to the surface without Kate. Lisa, as she is slowly and cautiously being brought to the surface, comes out of her hallucination, and realizes her sister is not with her. She starts to cry and call out to Kate, realizing her little sister was killed by the shark when she retrieved the air tanks.



Principal photography began in July 2015 and concluded the following month. Additional photography took place in January 2016.


Original distributor Dimension Films had initially set a North American DVD and VOD release date for 2 August 2016. However, on 25 July 2016, Variety reported that Dimension had sold the rights to Entertainment Studios. Entertainment Studios cancelled the 2 August home release and instead committed to a theatrical release in the United States in summer 2017.[5] The working title for the film was 47 Meters Down, which Dimension had changed to In the Deep for their home release, but upon acquiring the film Entertainment Studios reverted to the original title. Dimension had already sent out screeners and shipped DVDs to retailers before the deal took place. The DVDs, under the title In the Deep, were recalled; however, several retailers broke the street date, and a handful of physical copies were sold and have since turned up on eBay as collectors' items.[6]

After the purchase, Entertainment Studios reverted to the original title 47 Meters Down.[7] The film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2017 & United States on 16 June 2017,[5] and spent about $30 million on promotion and advertisement.[8]


Box office[edit]

47 Meters Down grossed $44.3 million in the United States and Canada and $17.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $61.7 million, against a production budget of $5.5 million.[3]

In North America, 47 Meters Down was released alongside All Eyez on Me, Rough Night and Cars 3, and was initially projected to gross around $5 million from 2,300 theatres in its opening weekend.[9] It made $4.5 million on its first day (including $735,000 from Thursday night previews), increasing weekend estimates to $11 million. It went on to debut to $11.5 million, finishing 5th at the box office.[8] In its second weekend, the film dropped 34%, grossing $7.4 million and finishing 4th at the box office.[10] It was the one of the highest-grossing indie films of 2017.[11]

Critical response[edit]

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 55% based on 137 reviews, with an average rating of 5.4/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "47 Meters Down doesn't take its terrifying premise quite as far as it should, but its toothy antagonists still offer a few thrills for less demanding genre enthusiasts."[12] On Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating, the film has a score of 52 out of 100, based on 24 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[13] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C" on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported filmgoers gave it an 55% overall positive score.[8]


Award Date of ceremony Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result Ref.
Saturn Awards June 2018 Best Horror Film 47 Meters Down Nominated [14]


On 8 September 2017, it was announced that production studio, The Fyzz Facility, is working on a sequel titled 48 Meters Down, in which Roberts, Riera, and Harris will both return as director/writer, co-writer, and producer, respectively.[15] The sequel will take place in Brazil and center around a group of young women who decide to explore some hidden underwater ruins located off-the-beaten trail. Production will be overseen by Altitude Film Sales, with potential buyers currently being sought in Toronto.[16] Entertainment Studios will once again handle distribution for the film, with a planned release of 28 June 2019.[17] In August of 2018, the film's first trailer was released with a new official title of, 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter.[18]

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