Test Drive Off-Road 3

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Test Drive Off-Road 3
Test Drive Off-Road 3 cover.png
Developer(s) Infogrames North America
Xantera (GBC)
Publisher(s) Infogrames North America
Infogrames Multimedia (Europe)
Series Test Drive
Platform(s) PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color
Release PlayStation & Microsoft Windows
Game Boy Color
  • NA & EU: 1999
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Test Drive Off-Road 3 (Known as 4X4 World Trophy in Europe, without any mention of the Test Drive name) is a 1999 video game. It was published by Infogrames and released for the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color.[1]A Sega Dreamcast version of the game was made, but was cancelled.


PlayStation gameplay

There are 3 modes; Arcade, Two Players (PlayStation only) and World Tour.

In World Tour, the player goes through different tracks throughout the world and will win cups and money. The player can buy, modify, and sell vehicles. Overall in the game, surprises come along races, such as breakable objects and shortcuts.

There are 6 racers in a race (a Human Player with 5 CPU Players)


GameSpot said for the PC version,"Test Drive: Off-Road 3 suffers from too many issues for it to warrant anything more than a passing glance." GameSpot also rated the game 6.3 (Fair).[2] IGN were divided among the game's three releases. First, for the PC version, they said, "While better than its predecessors, Test Drive: Off-Road 3 is, in a word, average." PC version was the best version scoring a 7.3 (Good).[3] Next, the PS version failed to impress, as IGN stated, "This muddy, grubby, leaden racer proves that off-road racing games just can't cut the muck." PS version only scored a 5.0 (Mediocre).[4] Finally, the GBC received negative feedback, as IGN wrote, "It's the same dang engine as Test Drive 6 on the Game Boy. Oh yeah, and the cartridge rumbles, too." GBC version only scored a pitiful 4.0 (Bad).[5]


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