5. april '81

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5. april '81
Live album by
RecordedKulušić, Zagreb
5 April 1981
Hard rock
New wave
ProducerGoran Bregović
Bijelo Dugme chronology
Doživjeti stotu
5. april '81
Singl ploče (1974–1975)

5. april '81 is the second live album by Yugoslav rock band Bijelo Dugme, released in 1981. It was recorded in Kulušić club in Zagreb on 5 April 1981.[1] The album was put out in limited release of only 20,000 copies.[1]


The album was recorded on the last concert of the tour that followed the release of the album Doživjeti stotu.[2] The band was announced by journalist Dražen Vrdoljak (the announcement being featured on the album).[2] The album's sound was in correspondence with the shift from hard rock towards new wave the band made with Doživjeti stotu.[2]

The album featured a cover of Indexi song "Sve ove godine" ("All These Years").[1]

Album cover[edit]

The cover artwork depicted a three-picture presentation of a girl wearing an adult woman's robe and high heels. The girl photographed was daughter of actor Mladen Jeličić.[3] Although the album cover saw no controversy in 1981, when 5. april '81 was re-released on CD by Croatia Records in 2003, the image was modified, leaving only the leftmost and rightmost photos, most likely because the girl's genital area is visible in the middle photo.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Goran Bregović, except where noted.

1."Izgledala je malo čudno u kaputu žutom krojenom bez veze"3:18
2."U stvari ordinarna priča"3:01
3."Ipak, poželim neko pismo"4:12
4."I kad prođe sve, pjevat ću i tad"2:51
5."Ne dese se takve stvari pravome muškarcu"3:24
6."Sve ove godine" (Enco Lesić/Kemal Monteno)2:28
7."Na zadnjem sjedištu moga auta"3:39
8."Ha, ha, ha"3:04
9."Bitanga i princeza"3:45
10."Doživjeti stotu"4:01


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Dražen Vrdoljak - introduction
  • Mladen Škalec - engineer
  • Hrvoje Hegedušić - engineer, mixed by


In 1987, in YU legende uživo (YU Legends Live), a special publication by Rock magazine, 5. april '81 was pronounced one of 12 best Yugoslav live albums.[5] In YU legende uživo, critic Petar Janjatović criticized the band's performance on the album, especially Željko Bebek's vocal performance, but also stated:

In a 2000 text for Vjesnik, critic Hrvoje Horvat stated:


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