634th Naval Air Group

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634th Naval Air Group
IJN E16A1 in flight Sep-1944.jpg
Aichi E16A1 of 634th Naval Air Group in September 1944.
Active May 1, 1944 – postwar.
Country Empire of Japan Empire of Japan
Allegiance Empire of Japan
Branch Empire of Japan Imperial Japanese Navy
Type Naval aviation unit
Role Bomber, reconnaissance
Size 48 aircraft (initial)
Part of 4th Carrier Division
2nd Air Fleet
1st Air Fleet
5th Air Fleet
32nd Air Flotilla
Garrison/HQ Iwakuni, Japan
Kure, Japan
Battleship Hyūga
Cavite, Philippines
Donggang, Taiwan
Genkai, Japan
Ibusuki, Japan
Sakura Island, Japan
Aircraft flown E16A Zuiun "Paul"
D4Y Suisei "Judy"
D3A Type 99 "Val"
B6N Tenzan "Jill"
A6M Type 0 "Zeke"
E13A Type 0 "Jake"

World War II

634 or squadron code

The 634th Naval Air Group (第六三四海軍航空隊, Dai Roku-San-Yon Kaigun Kōkūtai) was a carrier air group (later converted to airbase garrison unit) of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the Pacific campaign of World War II.


  • Higher unit
  • Lower unit
    • 163rd Fighter Squadron (1 August 1944–14 November 1944)
    • 167th Fighter Squadron (15 August 1944–14 November 1944)
    • 301st Reconnaissance Squadron (1 January 1945–postwar)
    • 302nd Reconnaissance Squadron (1 July 1945–postwar)
  • Commanding officers


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