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Cardinal sixty-five thousand five hundred thirty-six
Ordinal 65536th
(sixty-five thousand five hundred thirty-sixth)
Factorization 216
Divisors 17 total
Greek numeral ͵εφλϚ´
Roman numeral LXVDXXXVI
Binary 100000000000000002
Ternary 100222200213
Quaternary 1000000004
Quinary 40441215
Senary 12232246
Octal 2000008
Duodecimal 31B1412
Hexadecimal 1000016
Vigesimal 83GG20
Base 36 1EKG36

65536 is the natural number following 65535 and preceding 65537.

65536 is a power of two: (2 to the 16th power).

65536 is the smallest number with exactly 17 divisors.[1]

In mathematics[edit]

65536 is , so in tetration notation 65536 is 42.

When expressed using Knuth's up-arrow notation, 65536 is , which is equal to , which is equivalent to or .

65536 is a superperfect number – a number such that σ(σ(n)) = 2n.[2]

A 16-bit number can distinguish 65536 different possibilities, such as the numbers 0..65535. In unsigned binary notation, 65536 is thus the smallest number that can not be represented by 16 bits.

65536 is the only power of 2 less than 231000 that does not contain the digits 1, 2, 4 or 8 in its decimal representation.[3]

65536 is the largest known number such that the sum of its unitary divisors is prime (1 + 65536 = 65537, which is prime).[4]

65536 is an untouchable number.

In computing[edit]

65536 (216) is the number of different values representable in a number of 16 binary digits (or bits), also known as an unsigned short integer in many computer programming systems. This can place a limitation on many common hardware and software implementations, some examples of which are:

  • The Motorola 68000 family, x86 architecture, and other computing platforms have a word size of 16 bits, representing 65536 possible values. (32- or 64-bit operations are supported equally or better in modern microprocessors.)
  • 65536 is the maximum number of spreadsheet rows supported by Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002 and Excel 2003. Text files that are larger than 65536 rows cannot be imported to these versions of Excel.[5] (Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 support 1,048,576 rows (220)).
  • A 16-bit microprocessor chip can directly access 65536 memory addresses, and the 16-bit highcolor graphics standard supports a color palette of 65536 different colors.
  • The maximum number of methods allowed in a single dex file Android application is 65536.[6]
  • The limit for the amount of code in bytes for a non-native, non-abstract method in Java.
  • The message length in WhatsApp is limited to 65536.
  • The number of available ports to combine with a network address to create a network socket.

In popular culture[edit]

There are 65536 different charts in Western geomancy. In the video game 2048, it is the highest possible tile number.